Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

By: Jeff Kinney

217 pages


Greg is annoyed about Rowley's new girl friend. He is also threatened with summer school, because he is not doing well in school. He is overwhelmed with projects, so he goes to get help. The school took away the play set so there is nothing to do and Greg has always been lonely, so nothing has changed. Greg tries to hang out with the girls, but no one likes him. At lunch Greg has a separate table with some of his friends. Rowley and his girl friend sit at the couples table. Getting close to the end of the school year Rowley's girl friend broke up with him. He was sad for a few days, but then Greg and Rowley became best friends again.


Greg is having serious problems. His best friend, Rowley has ditched him, and it's becoming an impossible task to find new friends in middle school.

Zoo Wee Mama

Theme about myself

I am having some difficulty adapting to middle school just like Greg. Sometimes I have problems talking with my friends like Greg. There are a few kids who act like bullies that make life a little uncomfortable. Moving around so quickly from class to class makes it hard to do. My transition, like Greg, to middle school has not been very easy.

Just the two of them

I like this picture because it shows the author being written on by Greg. It's a creative picture because the author is side by side with Greg and he's writing on him!