The main differences between Togo and the United States

Topic Sentences

There are many differences between life in Togo and life in the United States. The biggest differences between these two is with language. Another major difference is with appearance. The last major difference between Togo and the United States is with the religion.

Language for Togo

In Togo they speak at least 36 languages all across Togo. They conduct businesses to speak a mixture of Haus English, and French. Kotocoli is another common northern language

Language for US

English is the official language. Some people speak Spanish and French. Children by the age of seven do not speak Spanish and French. Only in school kids can take a language.

Religion in Togo

Most Togolese (65-75%) have African beliefs. (20-30%) celebrate Christmas and they are Christian and some are Catholic. 5 to 10% of Togolese are Musilum.

Religion for the US

There are so many different religions. Most of the people are Catholic Jewish, Christian. A lot of the people do not go to church on Sundays.

Appearences in Togo

men usally wear shorts and a shirt .
women wear a blouse and a wraparound cloth.
for formal men wear a nice shirt and pants. Women would wear kente.

Appearences in the US

men usally wear shirt and pants or shorts. For a formal they would wear a tuxedo, suit and tie, and a nice shirt and khakis.
Women would wear a shirt and jeans, yoga pants, and shorts. For formal they would wear a dress, skirts,