Week of May 16

STAAR has left the building!

Thank you Ms. Mackey and Mr. Smolinski for organizing a great STAAR week. Thank you teachers for proctoring, monitoring and organizing rotations. I know the kids did great and we are going to see great scores in June!

Please wear a college shirt and jeans on Wednesday when we give out progress reports. Read emails about end of year grades from the counselors, the more we can get done now the less we will have to worry about in June.

Please continue to email parents about grades, homework and behavior.

Our incoming 6th graders will be visiting Thursday, May 19! I know they are excited to become Huskies!

Friday, May 20th is our STAAR-B-Q! My better half will be up here to grill burgers. Come eat lunch and enjoy the celebration.

Friday, May 20th is also a day Killough will come over and have an assembly with the 8th graders. The assembly will start at 10:45 and last 30 minutes. If they run a little over we will hold the bells for A-lunch until we can get the kids back to class.

Friday, May 27th is 8th grade day, which also means 8th grade walk day! At the beginning of 3rd period everybody will take their classes out into the hallway to cheer our 8th graders! They will leave the gym and walk the halls and then head out to field day! 8th grade will also feed us on that day! So burgers for the last 2 Friday's of the year!

Please continue to monitor the hallways and getting to duty stations on time. Students & parents are noticing. I have received feedback from both on how many more adults are around them!

We will not be giving early exams, parents need to contact the counselors to schedule a date and time for them to take them.

Thank You & lets continue the trend for a couple of weeks!

How well do you know Karen Storrie

Birthday: May 26th

Spouse: Mike

Children: Elizabeth, Matt & Jake (Twins!)

Pets: 2 dogs, Lucky & Max

Favorite Candy/Snack: Fruits & Nuts - she's trying to be healthy

Favorite Fast Food: Chik-Fil-A, anything Mexican

Favorite Drink: coffee, unsweetened tea, water

Favorite Color: Green

Hobbies: Can you guess? Reading :-)

Interesting fact: Ms. Storrie's children made it to the DI state competition & the Global competition in Tennessee! She is also an awesome Librarian!

Technology Tip

Did you know you can access your "H" drive at home? You can also access the school shared drives too. Go to www.lisd.net and enter the staff resources directory. Then click "Web File Manager"
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Have you Visited Ms. Kopp Yet?

Please take a moment to visit Ms. Kopp's office and write some words of congratulations to those who are starting a new chapter in their lives.
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6th Grade Award Ceremony

Monday, May 23rd, 9am

1440 North Valley Parkway

Lewisville, TX

6th Grade Award Ceremony
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Senior Cookie & Punch Reception

Thursday, May 26th, 3pm

1440 North Valley Parkway

Lewisville, TX

95 Seniors will be here in the library with their cap & gowns! Come celebrate!
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Last Day

June 2nd you will need to take attendance right after the bell. Also, on June 2nd we will stay late to complete our grades, get our rooms ready for the summer, eat dinner together and celebrate our retirees. That will be the last scheduled work day for the 2015-2016 school year! That means Friday is your day! Emails are starting to go out about summer professional learning, August trade days and November trade days. See your department head for any department specific training dates.
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Summer Classroom Blinds

For the security of the building, close all window blinds to the exterior before leaving for the summer. This will also assist in keeping the building at the unoccupied setting of 85°.

Weekend Air in August

Air for the Entire Campus the 2 Weekends Prior to Start of School (Hours will be at the NORMAL school day operating schedule)

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