Elie Wiesel


In 1933 Elie Wiesel and his family are in a time of tourture and depression. Adolf Hitler is made president of Germany. The Nazi Party takes over Germnays government and made the first concentration camp "Dachau". In April of 1939 the Nazi's invaded Czechoslovakia, in September they invade poland and begin World War II. In 1940 the Germans defeat Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. Auschwitz is then established by the Polish city Oswiecim. Wiesel and his family then become residents of Hungary.


At 15 years old Wiesel and his family are moved from Hungary To Auschwitz where his younger sister and his mother perish. SS units evacuate Auschwitz, and Wiesel and his father are then moved to Buchenwald. Wiesel's father died in January. Elie moved with the U.S troops in April.


In 1945 Soviet troops freed Auschwitz on January 27. on April 11, U.S troops freed Buchenwald. World War II is ends in Europe on the 8th of May. Wiesel is finally free... so he goes to paris to study Journalism at the Sorbonne. In 1949 Wiesel goes off to Jerusalem for the 1st time. In 1952 after studying Journalism he traveled the world as a reporter. In 1963 Elie Wiesel became an American Citezen. Wiesel ends up marrying the love of his life, Marion in 1969. Elie wins the Noble Peace Prize in 1986. He wrote multiple books about his life. In 2006 Elie Wiesel visits Oprah Winfrey in Germany to talk about the Holocaust.

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