5K for $5

~Jazzy Alvarez~

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About Me and My Story

Hi! My name is Jazzy Alvarez and I am 16 year old junior. I am an active drama member with a passion for academics. I used to be a cross country runner but because of conflicts, I am now wanting to run with a purpose...Cure JM. When I was 11, my little 4 year old sister at the time, got diagnosed with the rare disease of Juvenile Dermatomyositis (or JDM which is a form of JM). Immediately, my sister had to go through chemo, steroids, the crazy amounts of pills, and the side effects that came with the medicines. It hurt to see the journey of my sister becoming sadder and sadder as she was growing bigger because of the steroids, her not able to be outside with the other kids for as long, her always having to be white from the multitude of sunscreen spread all over her body, and her slowly becoming weaker from the disease attacking her muscles. Not only did my sister struggle but so did my family, My parents started fighting a lot more, our money slipped away from us, and I was struggling with watching all this unfold. Fast foward 4 years later, my sister is finally getting better. She lost most of the weight she gained, my parents and I turned to Christ, and our family became stronger. The finances were now easily manageable and everything is going great. But I have to tell you, those 4 years were tough, not going to lie. But the realization that there are other kids struggling with it all along with their family,it hurts. We, JM families, have to struggle and hope and pray that our little ones gets better for there is no Cure...As a teenager, it seems hopeless to do anything that can help but now, I am going to try...


Everyone can do a little something to help a cause and I am going to. I plan to run 5 races, all 5k, in a year. If someone wants to donate, they can donate $5 or more for each race I run and ALL money goes to help the organization, Cure JM, find a cure. I plan do to this at least to senior year and maybe even continue till college or beyond. I will post the races I am running and my times (if you would like) for every race I perform. The more money I raise, the faster I will go because of how great it would feel. :D You can go to my first giving page at the link below to help donate. Remember, it is not about me, it is about the kids who struggle with JM and their families. I really hope you can help and if you can't commit to a price, then donate as much as you can. Every little bit counts toward helping. Thank you so much you all!

Sascha Alvarez's JDM Journey