St Clare's Catholic High School

Hassall Grove

3 April, 2018

Praise God by Your Life

To provide excellence in education:

  • through quality teaching and learning
  • by providing a safe and creative learning environment
  • by challenging students to strive for academic excellence
  • by being a place where faith and values are enriched and shared within the Catholic tradition.

Principal's Message - Mr Morris

Dear families,

Today is the 13th anniversary of the death of Pope Saint John Paul II.

Elected in 1978, John Paul II’s 27-year papacy was the second longest in history. John Paul II is credited with helping bring an end to communist rule. He played a significant role in improving the Catholic Church’s relations with Judaism, Islam, the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Anglican Communion.

Pope St John Paul was a staunch defender of the Catholic Church’s position on a number of matters, but most especially on the value of life and the family.

Above all, Pope John Paul II is known for his world travels. As Pope, he visited 129 countries, making him one of the most travelled world leaders of all time. John Paul II was canonized in 2014, just 9 years after his death. His feast is celebrated on October 22 which is the day on which he was elected Pope.

I pray that like Jesus we will be beacons of hope and forgiveness as we remember to live out our lives in solidarity to the Gospels and reflect on this significant time in our Church's calendar. May the Spirit be with you all during this Easter season. God bless.

YEAR 11, 2019

Planning is underway for extension of St Clare’s to Year 11, 2019. Planning meetings to facilitate the learning opportunities that will be offered to our students in 2019, and beyond, are occurring with Loyola and St Agnes’. There will be significant opportunities for our students to engage in personalised pathways as they work towards the HSC credential.

Planning is also underway with architects and CEDP leaders to ensure the refurbishments that will happen this year, as well as master planning for a refurbishment/small building project to meet the needs of our growing community beyond 2018.

At St Clare’s, we have high expectations for each student. Each young person matters. Our staff are very excited about our first intake of Year 11 students in 2019, with many of them investing in what Stage 6 will have to offer. We will also have more teachers to accommodate our growth and will benefit from the support that accompanies belonging to a large system of schools.

The strong foundations set for students through Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) and consolidated in Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) will be enriched as we continue into Stage 6. Also, the relationships that teachers have developed with their students over four years of their time at St Clare’s will mean that each individual is known as a learner. It is also critical that each student has their own personalised learning pathway and are guided throughout their senior years. This is critical.

We look forward to sharing the journey together as we embark on this great opportunity for our community.

YEAR 11 2019 - COMMUNITY FORUM 1 - WEDNESDAY 9TH MAY, 2019 (6.30pm-7.30pm)

Last Thursday afternoon, Mr Hulme and myself had the opportunity to clarify some points for our current Year 10’s. We highlighted that the opportunity to be the first Year 11 cohort at St Clare’s brings with it much excitement and many opportunities. I fully appreciate that students and parents might need further clarification of what needs to be considered in making important decisions associated with senior schooling.

This forum will provide and ensure parents and students have an informed understanding of what pathways students will be provided whilst continuing their studies in Year 11 at St Clare’s. The evening planned is more like a Q&A forum whereby families will have the opportunity to clarify where we are heading in relation to the planning for 2019.

In particular; we will seek your input regarding;

  • some minor changes to the seniors uniform,

  • creation of a senior area for learning,

  • the Student Leadership model for 2019 and

  • an initial discussion around Non-HSC and HSC pathways and patterns of study.

Should your son or daughter wish to undertake a Non-HSC pathway this can be done whilst enrolled in Year 11 here at St Clare’s. I wish to highlight that this evening will be additional to the Subject Information Evening which will take place on Tuesday, 22nd May, 2018; as mentioned in our last newsletter.


A number of focus groups will be established over the last two weeks of school to ensure we capture student voice in relation to this exciting phase of offering a senior schooling credential for our students. These focus groups will consist of 5-10 students and will look at the themes of;

  1. Student Uniforms (Year 11, 2019) - how to make our seniors/leaders more visible in our community?

  2. Senior Common Area for Years 11 & 12 - how might we provide autonomy and independence for our seniors?

  3. Senior Learning Spaces - input into the design and function of the senior learning space - what do you want to see?

  4. Developing strong relationships with peers/teachers as part of the senior experience. How might this look for 2019?

Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning - Mr Hulme

The School’s reputation in the Community is in no small way reflected by the behaviour and presentation of our students in public. The pride and effort taken in the way in which the uniform is worn directly reflects on our students. As such, School staff will take every opportunity to ensure that the School uniform is worn correctly. The way in which the vast majority of our students meet these high expectations is most pleasing and is a source of positive comment in the wider community.

Could we ask that all parents assist us as we often see students getting out of family vehicles not meeting our uniform requirements. Please challenge the students before they arrive at school.


All assessment handbooks and assessment schedules are published online. Could we ask all parents to please download and discuss these requirements with their child/children.

There are many requirements and procedures that must be correctly followed to meet NESA guidelines. This includes Illness & Misadventure submissions for assessment tasks. As a general rule, if a child cannot attend an assessment, or is absent on the day it must be handed in and a Doctor’s Certificate must be produced on the next day after the student returns to school. This requirement must be strictly adhered to.

Assessment Handbooks 2018

Assessment Schedules 2018


Progress reports will be issued in Week 11 for students in Years 7-11. These reports provide an additional opportunity for parents/caregivers and students to receive feedback about their son’s/daughter’s /own learning. The progress reports provide feedback on three categories;

Behaviour, Organisation and Passion for Learning.

The descriptors:

  • Working above expectations

  • Working at expectations

  • Working below expectations

These descriptors are designed to be INDIVIDUALISED for each student and are NOT DETERMINED by either marks or rank order.

This means that if a student who is extremely capable is currently working below expectations, then they could expect to receive this descriptor for one or all of the Effort, Behaviour and Progress categories.

Progress reports differ from Semester and Yearly reports as these report on students against other students in their cohort, by allocating an overall grade, while Progress Reports do not rank students against each other in this manner.

Sample Progress Report Scenarios

Scenario 1: A student who achieved one of the highest marks in a class for an assessment task, but who is extremely capable academically (who did not extend themselves) and who did not submit any practice responses and/or complete homework tasks, would NOT receive Working above expectations.

Scenario 2: A student who has previously tested as one who struggles academically, but who has taken every educational opportunity offered and who has shown initiative and perseverance that has resulted in a learning gain, might achieve Working above Expectations in one or more categories.


Last newsletter we indicated to the wider community that we are trialling a new Information Management System. This new system will allow many of our existing office processes to be all rolled into one online application.

At the end of this term we will produce the Interim progress reports mentioned above.

Could we apologise in advance to all members of the community if there are delays in our production of these reports, or errors in communications. Whilst we endeavour to check all details, unfortunately we may not pick up some inaccuracies. Could we ask that parents contact the school to alert us of these inaccuracies so we can work with our external partner in eradicating these inaccuracies.

Once again we thank you for your support and understanding as we develop a future focused and timely resource.


We have made it very clear to students that there is no place for a mobile phone in the classroom. A common phrase that is used with the students is that a mobile phone should not see the light of day during learning time. Students who continue to abuse the privilege of having a mobile phone at school will have their parents contacted to collect the phone.

Earphones/headphones should only be used when directed by teachers. They should never be worn under the school uniform, and never be used whilst travelling to and from school. The use of these items whilst travelling raises traffic safety concerns.

It is also a good time to remind parents that speakers should not be brought to the school site. These speakers have a high decibel rating which goes beyond our safe environment.


Chewing gum is strictly banned on our school site. It causes great damage to our environment and school uniforms. Penalties apply. Please check School Diary/Planner.


Advanced Life Notice

Term 2, Week 2 - Tuesday 1st May 2018

This year all students will have an individual photo taken only. A Composite photo pack will be prepared as part of the package. Sibling photos will also be taken on the day.

Assistant Principal, Wellbeing & Learning - Ms Deschamps


St Clare’s new Student Management Plan is focused on ensuring all students have the opportunity to succeed, be recognised for commitment to the school and learning, and be able to demonstrate personal growth as leaders. It is anticipated that this Behaviour Support for Learning Model, will enable our students to develop a personal portfolio towards their future careers and highlight significant 21st century skill development. This model highlights positive behaviours and does not give status to negative behaviours.

Term 2 will see the trial introduction of this new comprehensive method of student management at St Clare's Catholic High School. All students begin on the Bronze Level and they are moved up or down the scale, depending on their learning and behaviour.

To move up the scale, students must show application and positive attitude towards their learning AND they must show substantial school service in a variety of community service opportunities:

  1. Social Justice and community service

  2. Commitment to learning in academic areas

  3. Leadership in the School and wider community

  4. Extra-curricular activities

Students will make an application and have an interview with the Leader of Year in order to achieve a higher level status.

Students will be shown detailed descriptions for each level and understand how they can achieve. As part of this process, Leaders of Year will ensure students have a number of opportunities to demonstrate community service such as class leadership opportunities. Students will be shown how they will manage their evidence towards higher levels.

To move down the scale, a student will have demonstrated consistent poor behaviour in class and/or out of class. If a student seriously misbehaves, he/she can be moved down one level at a time. Students will need to make an application to their Leader of Year to demonstrate improvement in order to move back up a level.

Big picture


Years 7 and 8 have made an enormous effort towards improving our environment at St Clare’s by minimising rubbish every afternoon. This is one opportunity students have to accumulate community service hours towards higher level achievement in our Student Behaviour Towards Learning model above. The enthusiasm displayed by students has been a great demonstration of the commitment students have to our St Clare’s community. Keep up the great effort Years 7 and 8!


Term 2 - All students must wear full winter uniform.

Uniform expectations are highlighted to parents and students every year. As a member of St Clare’s, every student is expected to follow the school uniform expectations. Most students wear their uniform with pride and are excellent ambassadors for what St Clare’s stands for - dedication to learning and striving to succeed to the best of one’s ability.

Students consistently failing to wear the appropriate uniform, will receive appropriate consequences indicated in the Positive Behaviours for Learning Model.

  • Students are NOT PERMITTED to wear sports uniform at school unless it is Thursday OR a practical PDHPE lesson. Students will be asked to sit in the Amphitheatre every recess and lunch if they are wearing incorrect uniform. If a student has a note, they will still be required to sit in the Amphitheatre.Students wearing sports jackets other than Thursday or during a PDHPE lesson will be asked to hand in the jacket to be collected by parents at the end of the day.

  • BOYS are not permitted to have any earrings. Earrings will be confiscated and left in an envelope at the School Office for parent collection. Students will be aware of the procedure and will not be given a warning to put the earring away.

  • BOYS must have their hair neat and tidy. Undercuts and shaved sides with long hair on top are not permitted.

  • GIRLS must only wear one set of earrings. Earrings should be gold or silver, small studs or small sleepers. Girls wearing inappropriate earrings will have them collected by the office for collection by parents. Girls will be aware of this procedure and will not be given a warning.

  • GIRLS need to have their hair tied back, neat and tidy.

  • All students are expected to have one natural hair colour at all times.

  • Students are NOT permitted to go to the Plaza in the morning. Students identified will receive appropriate consequences as indicated by the Positive Behaviours for Learning.


Chewing gum - student names will be recorded by teachers. Students consistently eating gum will receive appropriate consequences as indicated by the Positive Behaviours for Learning model.


St Clare’s staff are committed in 2018 to highlight the fantastic learning and activities your children are involved in. Please ensure you “like” us on Facebook and join the St Clare’s learning journey.

Leader of Wellbeing & Learning - Ms Nielsen


In Week 8, the School community celebrated Harmony Day. Our community is fortunate to represent such a diverse range of cultures. This day was a true celebration of pride and understanding for our community. The Year 10 students presented cultural workshops where they taught about their heritage ranging from cultural dance, cuisine, history and customs. This was a fantastic opportunity for Year 10 students to step up and demonstrate their leadership skills. Please see our School Facebook page for more photos and a video of the day.

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As a school, we have been tracking student attendance across the past few weeks. It is encouraging to see so many students with regular attendance and so many with 100% attendance. At the end of the term we will distribute attendance awards to those students with exemplary attendance. We have also started to send home letters for students whose attendance has fallen below 90%. These letters are a mandatory requirement from the Catholic Education Office Parramatta (CEDP). They are also a conversation starter with parents about their child’s attendance. As a school, we understand that there are instances where students will need to have a day off school.

Leader of Diversity & Learning - Ms Ruff

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Business Manager - Mr Wakeling


Dear Parents / Guardians,

Flexible Payment plans were scheduled to commence 21/03/2018. Due to a banking system error, these amounts were deducted from your nominated account 22/03/2018. Please note future payments will continue as scheduled. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Catholic Education Department Parramatta

Note that the Finance office is open between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Please contact the School’s Finance Officers on 9830-2400 and select option (2).

New Canteen - Open for Breakfast. Menu online.

Our new Canteen operator is open for and serving a range of breakfast items before school. Lunch orders should be placed at the Canteen before school or during recess to minimise waiting at lunchtime and to ensure the menu item you desire is available. The new menu is available on the school website under Parent Handbook / General Information / Canteen.

Unwanted / Surplus / Second Hand uniform

Any families with graduating students or where students have outgrown uniform items are invited to donate them to the school. While the school does not run an official clothing pool these items are used in emergencies or to assist families in financial difficulty. Please launder and bring such items to the school office. Second Hand Uniform items may be purchased or listed for sale at Enter “St Clare” on the home page search and hit enter, then further refine the search items in the Enter School Name field by typing “St Clares” and then selecting the Hassall Grove option from the drop down menu. You have to register on the site to get the sellers contact details.

Leader of Learning HSIE - Mr Ahern

We have been very busy within our HSIE classes over the last three weeks. Both Year 9 and Year 10 completed their hands on field work experience. On Tuesday, 6th March, our Year 9 students investigated the Quarantine Station at Manly. Here, they got the opportunity to take the learning outside the classroom to experience a huge part of Australian History.

Big picture

Our Year 10’s also had a great opportunity to learn about Coastal management at Collaroy Beach through analysis and hands on Geographical testing. Through completing this learning Year 10 were able to complete their R.A.P (Research Action Plan) Assessment.


Recently, the Year 9 History Elective students of 2018 under the guidance of Miss Calleja have submitted their own family trees for an assessment dedicated to the current unit they have been studying, titled “Family History”, after weeks of producing and finalising.

The goal of creating a family tree was to motivate and encourage students in having a more extensive and transparent understanding of their geneology. Students being more aware and attentive to their family past have the potential to discover solutions to unanswered questions relating to their family history, as well as developing a sense of appreciation for the experiences their relatives have gone through.

Based on the featured image of our family trees, it is evident that many students dedicated a substantial amount of time into their work. Their efforts showcased how creative each and every student was with their efforts, and demonstrates how involved and intrigued they were in gaining knowledge about their family’s past. The information needed was gathered through students conducting historical research, in ways such as analysing primary sources like birth certificates, photographs, and secondary sources, such as an oral interview of a relative about a different relative of theirs.

Overall, the process of research and creating family trees has been a great and influential task, helping us students obtain new skills and familiarise ourselves with our ancestors.”

Big picture
Big picture

Leader of Learning PDHPE - Ms Watton


Our annual Swimming Carnival was held on Friday, 2nd March at Emerton Leisure Centre. It was a great day, enjoyed by all. I would like to thank all students for their impeccable behaviour on the day and the House spirit that was evident on the day. Thank you to all parents, family and friends who came to cheer on their loved ones, the students appreciate the support. Lastly, a big thank you to all the staff for their efforts, work and support of the day. A day like this cannot happen without tremendous teamwork.

A huge congratulations to our 2018 Swimming Carnival Champion House KOLBE! Your participation, achievements and House spirit was outstanding throughout the day.

Congratulations to our 2018 Age Champions. These students will be awarded at our next school assembly.

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On Tuesday, 13th March St Clare’s Under 15's Rugby League team participated in the PDSSSC Rugby League Gala Day at Heber Park. This Gala Day was also in conjunction with selection trials for the PDSSSC Under 15’s Rugby League team. Thank you to our Coach Mr Eisenhuth for taking, trialling and training the team. Congratulations to Sonasi Vave, Justice Sene and Papaseea Tamaseu who were selected in the PDSSSC Under 15’s Rugby League Team. These boys played at the Sydney Independent Catholic Colleges trial at Norford Park, Sefton, on Wednesday, 21st March.

Congratulations to Justice Sene who has been selected in the Sydney Independent Catholic Colleges Under 15’s Rugby League team. He will play at the NSWCCC State Trials on 19th May at St Marys. We wish him well.

Leader of Learning TAS - Mr Chhabra


During the Timber Technology course this year we have learnt many techniques and skills for woodwork. We have been learning how to correctly use tools to create a pencil/jewellery Box of our choice. Some of the tools and machines we have been using this term include: Disc Sander, Drill Press, Tenon Saw, Tri Square, Marking Gauge, Chisel and Mallet.

We have also learnt about the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when in the workshop to minimise risks and hazards. Our class now knows how to safely use the tools and how to follow rules to keep us safe whilst in the workshop.

Timber Technology has helped us to better understand how the design process works and how to become more creative designers ourselves. As a class, we are all very excited about achieving success with our timber project next term.

By: Madison Bain, Hunter Mitchell, Ashlee Lowe, Mia Laws, Jenessa Peters and Laura Summers

School Librarian - Ms Wood


The reading challenge is well underway. All Year 7 students should have now received their log in details for the challenge. To be successful each student needs to read 20 books before the end of August. These are added to the student’s personal reading log on the Premier’s Reading Challenge site. The site can be easily accessed on our St Clare’s E-Library. Students can access our e-Library via Classm8.

Any students in Years 8 or 9 who wish to complete the challenge can contact Mrs Wood to ascertain their log in details.


Every student in Year 9 & 10 has the opportunity to join our Careers Site - Job Jump. Unfortunately only half of our yYar 10 cohort have joined the site. Some students in year 9 have also joined. It is easy to join and parents are welcome to join also. Simply go to the Job Jump site At the top right click on I’m New. You will be prompted for an email address and school password. Our password in “scchs”. You need to then set up a profile of your interests.

A new feature on Job Jump is the Career Cwiz which will give students a quick overview of careers they may have the skills and interest to undertake.

Job Jump is a wonderful site which will help the students “kick start” their career pathway development. The site holds a multitude of visual and text resources to help students find out about careers they are interested in pursuing. Students can also, build a resume, take interest/skills tests and much more. There is a quick link to Job Jump on our E-Library.


Year 10 students from St Clare’s will be attending this event on; Wednesday 23rd May 2018 (9 am - 11 am).

The Greater Western Sydney Careers Market offers students to explore and speak with professionals from Universities, TAFE, Apprenticeship Centres, Group Training Organisations, Private Colleges, Professional Associations and Employers about further education and/or careers options available to them. The event provides a fantastic opportunity for students to seek all that career and further education advice from a wide variety of of exhibitors and industry experts to enable them to make informed choices.

A note will be sent home soon for this event, please ensure that the signed permission slip is returned to school by the due date.

If students would like to discuss career ideas and options or need help with a resume, they can make an interview time with Mrs Wood. Please send an email to;

Leader of Year 7 - Mr Collimore

I would like to congratulate all Year 7 students on their contribution in community service over recent weeks. All students have shown an outstanding commitment to keeping our school environment clean and tidy each day. I would especially like to commend the following students: Christian Abassi, Oliver Abassi, Izaac Trewlynn and Aaliyah Mikaele on their great leadership skills in organising and coordinating the community service initiative for their Year 7 class. It’s great to see so many students showing pride in our school community and doing their part to make a difference!

Leader of Year 8 - Ms Calleja

Year 8.1 - Student Reflection by Monique Morcos

“In class 8.1, we have a strong bond. We are all friends and connect with one another. We help and guide each other on the right path when one is confused. All of us are eager to not only help each other, but also our community. In week 9, our class was chosen to complete community service where we helped clean up the school and everyone wanted to help out. 8.1 has great spirit and is full of laughter, learning and passion. I believe that 8.1 is a great example of the four P’s and is just a wonderful group of people to be around and i wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Leader of Year 9 - Mr Eisenhuth

As we approach the end of Term 1 I would like to congratulate the Year 9 students who have already received merit certificates. Merit certificates are given to students who have collected at least nine merits in their diary. Merits are given to students who regularly display the 4P’s here at St Clare’s by having a passion for learning, showing persistence, being a peacemaker and showing pride.

Well done to Grace Cabasag, Kaitlin Sheslow and Novena Aloisio who have received one merit certificate each and Shoneet Singh who has already received two merit certificates.

Social Justice Coordinator - Mr Ahern


As we draw to an end for Project Compassion we have been working hard as a community to reach our goal of $4000. Please see an update on all the house totals below.

1st: Mackillop - $797.6

2nd: Kolbe - $628.55

3rd: Chisholm - $455.65

4th: Benedict - $354.5

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In our Social Justice meetings we have just finished looking at Human Trafficking as an issue in our world. We had the opportunity to complete an action wherein we tried to teach our students what this issue really is on a small scale.

We have now had Alyssa, Clare, Caitlin, Jed, Kurt and Melgene (Social Justice students) present a new issue that plagues the youth in our society, ‘Unhealthy Body Image’. Over the next couple weeks they will be leading the team through exploring this issue and how students may be impacted by this issue.

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