MMs Week of December 7

Editor's Letter

Dear Parents,

Winter is approaching and the semester is coming to a close. We are continuing our study of Mary Musgrove and looking to learn the changes to the Creek and Cherokee cultures as a result of the settlers.

In math we are preparing for our Unit 2 post test on Thursday. The assessment will cover addition and subtraction strategies, determining coin values, and one step problem solving.

Summarizing is the focus for reading. Several graphic organizers will be used as the students build their skill in identifying and including the important details when retelling a story. Outside of school have your student summarize their day, a chapter from a book they read, or an episode of a show you have watched together. Remember oral language can shape how they form their thoughts while writing.

In ELA, the students are working with reflexive pronouns. While words like "itself, ourselves, and themselves" are not often used in students' written language, they serve as another tool to create more complex sentence structure.

Thank you for supporting our academic success.

Expecting the best,

Ms. Moore

Winter Dance (grades K-2)

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 3:15-5:15pm

3310 Stonewall Tell Road

College Park, GA

STYLE and ATLAS are sponsoring this event which will take place in the cafeteria. The entry cost is $5.00. It includes a snack pack of chips and a drink.

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