Teach For America

By: Fabian Ardila & Daniel Santiago

The Success

Teach For America has been helping povertized children since 1989 and has downed the percent of failure in students by 30%.This is a significant decrease in kids failing the school.This gets the kids better jobs and careers. Also Teach For America has donated over $200,000,000 USD to help the kids. This includes building schools , hiring teachers, training the teachers, and helping the kids through the struggles of being poor.

Visit the Website

www.TeachforAmerica.org - In the website you can find all sorts of important information like how to donate,statistics, etc.

About the creator

Wendy Kopp the founder of the non-profit organization Teach For America founded it in 1989. She was born June 26,1967. She was educated at Princeton University . She saw that everyone should get an education no matter what issue there in especially if they live in poverty. She is now the Chair of the Board of the organization and now one of the most important contributors for this charity.
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What issue do they support?

Teach For America supports a very important issue.Since 1989 TFA has been getting kids a equal and fair education. They help povertized kids and homeless kids get off the street working and get them learning. In some places kids don't go to school because they need to support their family but TFA is willing to help them by giving them food to help their family. A lot of povertized kids need to repeat a grade because they can not attend school often enough.In fact they are 9 times as likely to fail a grade. That is why TFA helps, they send tutors to help the kids catch up with classes.-FA

In 1980 just 50% of povertized kids attended school regularly, Now Teach For America has brought that number down to 20%.Teach For America is still trying to bring that number down. With the current rate they are at they believe they can bring that number down to 10% by 2020.Some teachers even see better results in the povertized kids than the normal kids .Kids will start getting better jobs if TFA keeps up and poverty in the United States will be at a minimal.-FA

How did it grow into what it is now?

The Teach for America foundation is a non profit organization that got started in 1989 by Wendy Kopp. The program specializes in kid’s whose family is in need. As of 2012 they raised more than 300 million dollars. Since then it has grown into 50 regions all over the U.S. As of 2014 it has been one of the most well trusted and well known charities in america. Wendy Kopp founded this charity because she wants kids whose families is in financial problems. She also wants to give kids a full learning experience in and outside of school.-DS

There are many reasons why this charity was founded but the main purpose is to give kids a great education that they otherwise cannot because of financial issues. The purpose has grown since then because they started hiring recent college graduates who would like to volunteer who would help teach or tutor the children so that they get full learning experience. The chair of board for this charity is Wendy Kopp she graduated from Princeton University in NJ. She wants to help children who are homeless who need an education. She is now one of the most important contributors to Teach for America since the beginning. - DS

What do they do for the community?

Teach for America brings many activities to their community. Some of the activities is a tutoring service. They can help the child do better on tests or classes. They are mostly college graduates who are more than welcome to help the child no matter the need. Some special services are helping your child with music or teaching a toddler whose family can't bring them to pre school basic social skills. Parents are very impressed with their child's academic performances.- DS

Other services includes volunteering services. Although it is a non profit charity Teach For America still hire college graduates to teach kids. Since the service started parents say that it is the best learning service they ever experience .Teach For America mostly hire volunteers who are college graduates and are used to teaching. But they still acquire high school volunteers for the younger grades. Students really relate to them since they are all young and the volunteers really get to know them a little more.-DS

How effective is Teach For America?

Teach For America the multi-million dollar charity that is about 50 regions in size. It is a very effective in accomplishing its goals, diminishing unfair education for povertized kids. They have accomplished great things. They’ve donated over $206,000,000 dollars to the cause!!!! This money has gone to recruiting teachers, building schools,and helping kids.”Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in expanding educational opportunity ."-FA

Teach for america has reached an estimated 3,000,000 students in total. That means 3,000,000 Americans who could be beggars on the street were brought in and given chance. This opportunity comes easy to most middle class americans but is actually a very important thing for these kids.It is such a successful thing that teachers do it multiple times over because of how self relieving it is. Being this successful TFA has made a huge impact on the society we live in today and will one day abolish unequal education.-FA


  • Their total contributions is 276,189,772
  • TFA has an estimated 61,546,661
  • 82.1% of the expenses is the program itself
  • About 76.1% of Contributions is Contributions, gifts, and grants
  • Volunteers come from more than 850 colleges and universities nationwide
  • Kids in the program is a 33% chance of he or she being the first one in the family to attend college.


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