NO National Spider-man Day

Ban Spider-man day

Why have another thing on your to do list because your little siblibg wants to celebrate Spider-man Day?

Have work but you have to go to your little siblings Spider-man party!

  • This October 14 do somthing useful with your life
  • Fight for the right to NOT go to your little siblings Spider-man party
  • Why waste your life when you need to get something done

Ban Spider-man

Monday, Oct. 14th 2013 at 10am-4:45pm

8342 Candigan Cir

Richmond, VA

Ban Spider-man October 14 come to 8342 Candigan Circle, and bring your homework. Do the homework that you need to do.

Spider-man day is not even about any thing important. It is just about Spider-man getting lots of signatures on a card.