The Outsider

By Jayden Malabre

Narritive Events

- Outsider arrives in new town.

- Gets ambushed by some gangsters.

- Takes refuge and finds out about the rival gangs.

- offers themselves as an assassin in the street.

- kills the gangsters who ambushed them.


Jess moves to new town, girl meets friends Kristen and Nathan, who helps her settle in.

her feelings grow stronger towards Nathan, she thinks he is perfect the 'dream guy'. But there's the issue a few months down the line Jess finds that Nathan may not feel the same anymore as she has just found out he's got a new girlfriend, Leah, head cheerleader of 'Evens High School', Leah has ruined any chances of jess ever telling Nathan how she feels, Nathan seems to be completely in love with Leah and Jess sees how happy she makes him, and decides it wouldn't be a good idea to tell him and jeopardise their friendship.

Leah is jealous of Jess and takes it upon herself to try and ambush Jess' and Nathans friendship, Jess struggles trying to be there for Nathan, and they end up arguing about Leah.

Jess confides in her best friend Kristen, the head of school newspaper, in hopes to win back Nathan, and offers herself to be an editor for the paper, they both go out hunting for stories and find out Leah has been disloyal to Nathan and sees an opportunity to not only help her friend but to possibly confess how she feels about him, She does everything she can to get evidence of Leah being unfaithful with the quarterback Connor, and publicly humiliate Leah for her affair, and destroy her high ranking in the school hierarchy.

Jessica Lucas

Jess- Main character, who falls in love with Nathan
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Dylan O'brien

Nathan- Friend of jess' who gets cheated on
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Lily Collins

Leah- Nathans Girlfriend/ Head cheerleader
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Ellen Page

Kristen- bestfriend/ head of school newspaper
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Steven R. McQueen

Connor- school quarterback
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