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By: Gaby Guevara

Quote from Self-Reliance

"We but half express ourselves, and are ashamed of that divine idea..."

We can never accept our ideas or who we want to be because others pressure us into thinking that so many things are wrong. They bring fear/doubt into our lives and we take it even if we shouldn't. We are ashamed of who we are because they tell us we should be.

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Another Quote from Self-Reliance

"Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events."

Accept the place God has put you in and don't let anyone tell you any different. Thrive from what you're given and not by what you want.

Religious people, sometimes, act very ignorant and unconscious of their actions. They try to tell you who you should be and what's right and wrong when they don't even know what's right and wrong. They tell you the way you live your life is wrong. I think you should do what makes you happy but knowledgeable of God and what you believe is right. If you find God in your own way, you will find what is right and wrong and you will live a peaceful life on a happy road. I feel like religious judge based on what they think they know. And sometimes they're a little bit harsh because they think it's ok to be rude to spread the word of God.
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How We Can We Live a Better Life

We can all stop being judgmental and love one another. "Thou shalt not avenge , nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people , but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself " -Leviticus 19:18 I think we should express the most beautiful part instead of the worst and enjoy the good things God has given us. In high school if we accept what we have and try to create something out of it, we can flourish and be extremely successful. In life we need to use what we have and make it to be what we want.

The Effects

We should speak up to those who try to tells us our lives is a big mistake. I don't think arguing will solve anything in every situation. But sometimes people can be hard headed. It may change the views on religion but that's ok. The only one who knows all is God. If you want to know what you're doing is wrong or right, find the signs. Don't let anyone tell you how you should live your life. You may seem like a big jerk but you are standing up for what you think is right just like the other people are. You shouldn't be shunned for being you. Only God and you know what you're doing wrong.