Immoral America

What will happen if Thomas Jefferson becomes your president?


The uncultured and uneducated swine of that in the Democratic-Republican party would opt for a weak central government and there in support the Articles of Confederation. The immoral individuals who would then set forth that equal representation for those of the elite status and those of the second-rate class would be beneficial to our nation's government. A poorly organized union is not one in which America's worldly goods and occupants should be in the hands of. These Pro-French peccary attempt to place America in the circumstance of war with the British, and will therefore set an undying mistrust between the people of our country and our allies.

Thomas Jefferson

The Anti-Federalist views of this candidate suggest a preposterous turn in the history of our nation. One in which our very nation will face great turmoil and consequence. Therein lies the complication with this election, where our lives and those whose lives have been granted to us by the grace of God will be in the hands of malignant fate. My dear adversaries should feel compelled to break free of the treacherous rule of their leading man.

A man in which hypocrisy lies the most is not to be vested with the power of this largely independent nation. A man who says, slavery is a "cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life & liberties." cannot hope to gain the trust of the people, while he himself is a slave holding man.

Jefferson is an individual who hopes to govern America on the hopes and dreams of the immoral and uneducated men of this country, would rather have rebellion than peace throughout his homeland. As duly stated, Jefferson believes, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

I ask you:

How can a person who has defied the word of God, and fornicated out of wedlock with a person of which he owns, be considered an honorable man?

How can an individual who has supports the tyranny of his own countrymen be considerable for office?

How can there be peace throughout the homeland if a man of unjust reasoning resides in the house on the hill?

What do the people have to say about Jefferson?

The undeniable fate of America if Jefferson is elected . . .

This country will forever be in the debt of our fathers if we do not band together and rescue the fate of this land. If the people do not stand together to put an end to this malevolent stride set forth by Thomas Jefferson, our familiar nation will come to an undying obligation for the future sons of America to adjust. When will the hypocrisy end, and when will this country be governed by the rightful and educated?

Election of 1800

Monday, Feb. 17th 1800 at 8am

Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

Vote John Adams for president.
1800 Anti-Thomas Jefferson Negative TV Ad


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