Winds are blowing on in!

Learn all about the different kind of winds

What are Winds? (General Information)

Definition: Winds are the natural movement of air, that come in the form of a current blowing of air in a certain direction.

What Causes Winds?: Winds are cause by the movement of air, caused by different air pressure.

Information on Local Winds

Definition: Local winds are small scale connective waves that usually happen around a particular area.

How are they created? Local winds are created by geographical features that produce temperature differences.


How do sea breezes blow?: Sea breezes blow when the air from the ocean moves to the land. High pressure is created over the ocean during the day, and low pressure over the land due to the uneven heating of the Earth.


How do land breezes blow?: Land breezes blow when the air from the land moves to the ocean. Low pressure is over the ocean during the night, and High pressure in over the land due to uneven heating of the Earth.

You are guaranteed to be blown away

Information on Global Winds

Definition: Global Winds are winds that steadily blow in a direction across our Earth.

How are Global Winds created?: Global winds are created by the combination of pressure belts and the Coriolis Effect. Convection Currents on a large scale create Global Winds.

Horse Latitudes

What are Horse Latitudes?: Horse latitudes are located at around 30 degrees latitude North and South of the equator where the winds are very weak. Most deserts on Earth are usually located around this area. Legend says, that pirates brought horses on there boat, and had to push them overboard because there boat wasn't moving. They needed less weight to make there boat move. Also, Mrs. Bacinskas says that was how sea horses were created, so there is always a good side!


Trade winds are winds that are below 30 degrees from the equator. The are called the trade winds because they were used by the early sailors. Polar easterlies are winds that extend from poles to 60 degrees latitude. They are formed from cold sinking air moving from the poles creating cold temperatures. Jet streams are winds that separate the warm air from the cold air. They are narrow belts of high speed winds that blow in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.

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