11 fun filled poems



He helped me learn to always be couscous.

Sometimes we have talks.

He helps me on homework.

Taught me how to shoot accurately.

He lead me to a championship shooting match.

He helped me win that championship.

Taught me how to hunt and being handicapped.

He is a great man with a great religion.

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There was a dog named buster.

He loved to eat clusters.

Until they made him sick.

What happen was he took to big of a lick.

And now buster hates clusters

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A gaint turtle.

Going across the sand slow.

With her little ones.

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My eyes like green trees.

My feet like bigfoot's.

My teeth has 15 pounds of medal on them.

My nose as runny as a waterfall.

My legs are as long as logs.

My poem is like a beautiful snow tiger.

I am the cold snow in the winter.

I am pluto.

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East is better than west.

We have a real Trojan.

We have a football team that will rip you apart.

Our school is miles bigger than west.

We have a track bigger than Godzilla.

We have 100 billion more people at east than west .

Our principal could be hit by a heat-seeking missile and not be injured.

Our schools fences are made of lava.

Our school has a pair of boxing gloves built in.

We have an elevator that goes to the core of the earth.

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Makes me think of

Cars make me think of speed.

Speed makes me think of adrenalin.

Adrenalin makes me think of fun.

Fun makes me think of theme parks.

Theme parks make me think of roller coasters.

Roller coasters make me think of fast.

Fast makes me think of cars.http://www.bankrate.com/finance/auto/best-american-muscle-cars-of-all-time-1.aspx

Acrostic poem

With no people

Obviously awesome

Out of civilization.

Decorated naturally

Special to me

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Color poem

Orange is the color of a basketball.

Orange is fun to say.

Orange smells like fresh cut wood.

Orange tastes like sweet oranges.

Orange sounds like the wind whispering.

Orange looks like a beautiful bird.

Orange feels like a warm breeze.

Orange makes me feel relaxed.

Orange is fun to look at for a long time.

google search orangeshttps://erisaeverdeen.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/orange-the-colour-harvest/





Cops are to slow


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I am a tree

I can talk to my friends

We dance around all day

We can sip on rain

I change colors and loose my leaves during winter

Sometimes animals crawl up and down me

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Rhyme sceme

There was a kid named gren

He had a pet henthe hen just started to be lame

Then one of his friend ben came

And the hen left gren for ben

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