Facial Features: Eyes

How To Draw A Human Eye



  • Learn about the parts of the human eye
  • View a video tutorial about how to draw the human eye
  • Practice drawing the human eye in both pencil and colored pencil

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Symbol VS Actual Image

When drawing the human eye, lots of young artists think they already know what to draw. Usually this is simply a symbol of the eye not a realistic study of the eye. In this unit on facial features we will be breaking down each of our features to really study all the actual parts to move past symbolic drawing into realistic interpretation.

Understanding the Eye Structure

How to Draw Eyes - Structure
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Step by Step: How To Draw an Eye

How to Draw an Eye - Step by Step


You will be looking at your eye in a mirror and trying to capture what you see. We will be doing this with drawing pencils first. You may also photograph your eye and work from your photo.

Once you capture your eye in grayscale you will then attempt to draw it with colored pencil. Notice all the different colors you will need to blend to accurately capture the eyes and the skin around the eyes.

We may try side views if we get through the front view as well.

Colored Pencil

Skin Tone Spheres

We are going to practice making spheres in different skin tones to get comfortable making contours and shadows in colored pencil.
Tutorial | How to color shade different skin tones with colored pencils and blending techniques
How To Draw a Realistic Eye with Colored Pencils
Surrealistic Color Pencil Drawing (undone)