Our Lady of Mercy


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God of New Beginnings,

Guide us with your spirit as we begin our new school year.

May we be aware of our talents and our gifts

And use them to be a light in one another’s lives.

May we realise how important each of us is and

help us to share the light of Jesus in our school and in the world.


Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to all of you! You still have two more days of school holidays, however the staff are returning to school tomorrow to ensure that everything is all set up and well prepared for the return of the children on Monday.

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday break and that the children are well rested and looking forward to their return to school. I was lucky enough to secure a camping site down south for a week which was food for my soul. Being out in nature with my family, breathing the fresh air, swimming in the ocean and seeing those bright stars at night made me feel so richly blessed.

Warm welcome to new families

We extend a very warm welcome to all our new Kindy families and to those families of children joining the OLOM community in other grades. I am sure that you will very quickly feel part of this wonderful OLOM family.

Information about next week

In this newsletter we would like to give you some important information so that the transition back to school in the first week is an easy one for families as you set up the routine of school life again.

Improvements to facilities

During the school holidays, a new wall and entrance to our school was built. A very big thank you must be extended to Mr McPhail who supervised and managed this building process. The outcome is a fantastic improvement to our school.

Covid restrictions in closed spaces

We are still under phase 4 of the Covid-19 Roadmap for Western Australia. As such this means that we need to comply with the two-square metre rule in closed spaces. We understand that many of you might like to settle your children into their classrooms on the first day back to school, however we would not be compliant with the Covid-19 rules if we were to permit this to happen. We therefore ask all parents and carers to kiss and drop their children outside their classrooms on the first day back to school. We can obviously make exceptions for children with diagnosed anxiety or other valid concerns. If this is the case for your child, please contact the front office before Monday to let us know so that we can advise the classroom teacher and put the appropriate supports in place for your child.

We understand that managing this Covid requirement will be most difficult for our Early Years children, particularly our new Kindy families. There is more information on how we will manage the first day process for Kindy students in this newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

God bless you.

Ondine Komnick


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School starts on Monday, 1 February.

For the first day of school ONLY, classrooms will open at 8.15 am so that children can settle in before the bell goes to start the day at 8.30 am.

From Tuesday, we are back to our usual timing where children should only be on the school property from 8.10 am onwards and classrooms open at 8.30 am when the bell rings.

Parking and Kiss & Drive

This year we will have one collection point at the back of the school, in the shaded area behind the Science Room. Kiss & Drive at the front of the school will continue as usual.

Traffic tends to be heavier at the start of the year; please drive carefully and be mindful of pedestrians. If you are not collecting your child from their classroom, let them know where to meet you.


  • Year 1 to 6: wear full summer uniform on the first day of school
  • Kindy: wear play clothes or faction sports shirt
  • Pre-Primary: wear sports uniform with faction colour shirt
  • Remember hats!

Sports days are as follows – wear sports uniform:

  • Tuesday: 4B, 5W, 2W and 2B
  • Wednesday: 6B, 3W, 1B and 3B
  • Thursday: 6W, 1W, 5B and 4W

Uniform is purchased from Nell Gray Uniform Concepts:

STORE LOCATION: 5/7 Delage Street, Joondalup WA 027

STORE PHONE: (08) 9270 4660

STORE EMAIL: joondalup@uc.nellgray.com.au

ORDER ONLINE: https://www.nellgray.com.au/Schools/Our-Lady-of-Mercy

Bring booklist items in on first day

Please bring in all your booklist items on the first day. Remember to bring in the additional classroom items that appear on your booklist, such as tissues, hand sanitiser etc.

Welcome to Kindy

Welcome to our Kindy families!

Please meet on the Kindy veranda to collect your child’s name tag. Then place their bag on the hook, water bottle on the trolley and lunch in their pigeonhole. The spare change of clothing can remain in their bag.

You then have a short play with your child, doing some activities outside on the Kindy veranda. When the teacher rings the bell and calls the children into class, it’s time to say goodbye. We will have staff available to help any upset children.

Remember to bring in your child’s Student Profile Form.

Welcome to new starters for other years

We warmly welcome new families in other grades to our school.

Meet at the office at 8.20 am and our Administrator, Mrs Young, will take you to class. Wear your summer uniform and bring your booklist items, recess and lunch, water bottle and hat.

Canteen orders can be placed from Monday

Canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for recess and lunch.


Lunch orders must be in a clearly labelled lunch order bag (available from the supermarkets) - please write your child’s full name, year group and lunch order on the bag. Correct money or small change only. All lunch orders must be drop off via the classroom by 8:45am. Any change is taped onto the bag. Children with no lunch bags will be charged 10c for the bag.

Please note that Kindy and Pre-Primary children can pre-order recess.

We encourage parents to make use of the online ordering system which can be accessed at


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P&F welcome back sundowner - Friday 19 February

Our P&F have organised a Sundowner for Friday 19 February. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get together as a school community and to celebrate the start of the new school year. We encourage our new families to attend as this function presents an opportunity to meet others and to get to know one another a little better.

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