Keyboarding at Van Meter!

Fall Newsletter 2013

Speed and accuracy when keyboarding is an important skill for our young people. It gives them the ability to be able to brainstorm and write their thoughts using computers rather than on paper like many of us were taught to do.

Keyboarding is an important part of the Van Meter K-12 Digital Citizenship, Technology, Library Science Curriculum. Below you will find the standards for grades K-5.


  • Uses a keyboard

    • Use the keyboard to copy and/or input text

    • Be able to identify the backspace, number, space, arrows, and enter keys

    • Identify keyboard letters as capital letters

First Grade

  • Uses a keyboard concentrating on the homerow keys

Second Grade

  • Uses proper fingering of homerow keys

Third Grade

  • Keys homerow accurately and confidently

Fourth Grade

  • Keys alphabet accurately and confidently

Fifth Grade

  • Keys letter and numbers at a productive speed

Sixth-Eighth Grade

  • Keys with effective rate and accuracy to capture a free flow of thoughts

To meet the overall goals and grade level standards, our students work on keyboarding skills in the library and classrooms. It is also important they work on these skills at home.

We have put together several awesome resources for keyboarding. Within the Symbaloo below there are websites for learning how to keyboard, games to strengthen our skills, and timed typing sites to track growth in speed and accuracy.

Please encourage your children to practice several times each week. With consistent practice they will gain accuracy and speed, and also be able to convey their thoughts through keyboarding successfully.

A place that will take you to awesome resources....

Van Meter Keyboarding Symbaloo!

Each square tile links to a different website. The tiles are marked with words and images to explain what each links to and how they tie into our curriculum.

The websites are great for anyone who wants to learn and practice keyboarding skills.

This Symbaloo will continue to change and grow as we add more websites and resources.
On the plskeyboarding wiki, you will find 9 levels of a keyboarding program. These are also added onto the Keyboarding Symbaloo as the teal colored tiles with the yellow star on them.
On the Symbaloo, we have created 9 tiles that hold the typing program from the BBC site above, Dance Mat Typing.

Each one of these tiles go to a new lesson, while is more challenging than the last.