Jan. 14th Due Date News

Mrs. Gardner - GAVS 10th Grade English

Course Updates

After each due date, I will send a course update newsletter (what you are reading now) to let you know I have put in 0s for missing work. When you see a 0, be sure to look in the gradebook to see when that assignment was due. Students have 3 school days (5 days total) to submit work. Please note that while I've put in 0s, I may still be grading work that was submitted on time.

The Jan. 14th zero indicator looks like this...

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The GAVS late work policy looks like this...

Turn in all work, even if it is for a 30% deduction. It is always better to have a reduced percentage, compared to a ZERO. TURN IN WORK!
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Mrs. Gardner's Welcome Newsletter

If you have not yet read through this entire newsletter, please do so as soon as possible. It contains lots of important information.

Mrs. Gardner's Welcome Session

This is my welcome session. Please be sure that you listen. Many courses use the same template for the welcome meeting, but I add in items unique to our English class.

Novel Research Project

Students should be working on reading a novel. This will be read throughout the course and due later in the semester. Look at the course schedule in order to see when the novel paper is due. Below are some links that will help you with the unit and the Novel Research Beginnings assignment.

Novel Research Unit

Novel Research Beginnings Assignment
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Contact me if you have questions...

Mrs. Kelly Gardner