Athens Is Better!

By: Anna Hayes

Why I chose Athens over Sparta

I chose Athens because of their values. Athens values their temples and repairs them too. Athenians value art, learning, and anything that involves intelligence.

Athens Government

The Assembly

Athens government is a Democracy. That means that the Athenians make the decisions on how the government works. The Athenians have a group called the Assembly. The Assembly makes the laws and to be in the group you simply have to be a free male that is atleast 18 years old.

The Council of 500

The council of 500 is a group for any citizen rich or poor who won the lottery. The maximum amount of Athenians is 500 and anybody that is in the group gets paid for serving. The council of 500 has the job of proposing the laws that the Assembly will vote on.

The Generals

The generals are 10 trained Athenians who lead greece. The generals commanded the army and navy and they act as judges in court too.

What was the Economy like in Athens?

Athens economy is based on trading and tourism. When tourists go sightseeing at the schools and the many temples, they spend their money! Cha-Ching! Athens has many port cities which brings in lots of different goods from foreign lands.

What do Athenians trade?

Athens trade whatever they have available. But they mainly trade these 3 objects. 1. olive trees 2. beekeeping 3. art. When trading they sometimes have extra of olive oil, honey, and pottery. Athenians trade those goods for things the city-state needs like grain for cooking and to feed the animals and wood for the fire pits.

The Agora

An agora is also known as a "open air market" or "marketplace." In the agora they have started using their own coin system and so have other city-states.

How were the women and slaves treated in Athens?


Women in Athens were treated fairly although there were some actions that were forbidden. For example, women are not allowed to inherit or buy land from their husbands nor own land either. Another example is, women are not allowed to be in the Assembly or vote. Women are allowed to work in certain jobs like a priestess in a temple and a few more. The last crazy rule that applies to women is they are not allowed to leave their house without their male companion!


Slaves in Athens were treated very well. They did most of the farming since the men were often at educational or political matters. Not all slaves worked out in the fields though, the lucky slaves were able to household work or work in a office but other unlucky ones also worked underground in mines.

Now do you understand why I prefer Athens?!

Compared to Sparta athens has many more values and creates more of "homey" feeling!