Highly Energy Efficient Home

Price: $150,000

Niagara Region

This fantastic home can be located in the Temperate Deciduous Biome in southern Ontario. There are beautiful Birch Trees around the home and also many different flowers around the home such as Tulips, Red Roses, Daisies etc.
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Waste Management

In this home there will be 3 different ways to get rid of your waste. First a regular garbage can. Secondly a recycling bin of course. Thirdly a compost bin.

Spotted Turtle

This home has an indoor pond that has a Spotted Turtle living in it. Becoming the owner of this house gives you the right to keep this turtle alive as it is an endangered specie

Chemicals In This Home: Beware

Phthalates, Flame Retardants and Atrazine. Atrazine is made up of Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and chlorine.
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This element belongs the first group and the first family of the periodic table. This element is neither Metal, Non Metal or Metalloid, but it is it's own category.

Energy Source

This home lies in the Niagara Region, so it will get some of the energy from the Falls. But this home is equipped with Solar Panels all along the roof of the home. This will be a sustainable source of energy because the falls and the sun aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
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Energy Efficiency

This homes physical structure has Solar Panels that will make it way more energy efficient. This home won't waste as much energy because there are sensors in each room that detect a presence in the room. No presence, no energy being used in the room. All the appliances in the house such as Dryers, Washers, Fridges, Freezers, Dish Washers etc will all have Energy Star Stickers on them. These appliances all are designed to save energy and where else would they go other than an energy efficient home. The home will be lit up with fluorescent lights. They are the most energy efficient lights.