By: Abraham Pena

Getting There

I'm going with my uncle to Dubai. Our flight is starting at 8:00 am to 1:10 pm. We will stop at New York, then Moscow and lastly to Dubai! When we get home, we will start at 2:10 April 23 to 9:44 April 23. But first, we have to buy a hotel.


Dunes Hotel Apartments

Flights: Denver, Colorado to Dubai



Lodging and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name: Dunes Hotel Apartments

Hotel Price:90$

What does your hotel offer? What does your room look like? Twin beds, with a kitchen and a table


Activities During My Vacation in Dubai

Activity 1: Swimming

Description: There is a swimming pool in my hotel and i could go swimming there. Its not that big but big enough to fit at least 60 people. it is about 12 feet deep.

Cost: 90$

Activity 2: Dolphin Bay

Description: A wondrous water park. There is dolphins to swim and play with. You could go scuba diving too.

Cost: 226$

Activity 3: Tee And Putt Mini Golf

Description: A glowing mini golf place to have more fun golfing. Challenging courses as you go. And fun places to eat.

Cost: 65$


Problems While in Vacation or Traveling

  1. One problem could be if I couldn't afford some of the amusements or I left some money at home. I could solve this by not going to the activity and go to a restaurant to eat.
  2. Another problem is if i forgot something at home while I was in the plane. I could solve this by not going to the places you need those things and go somewhere that doesn't need it. Like an I.D. for example.
  3. Also, a problem that could be bad is if my uncle got lost during an activity. I would solve this by calling him. If that doesn't work, then i'll tell the cashier to call him over the microphone.

About me =)

My name is Abraham and I have never traveled out of the country or state. But I would love to travel to Dubai one day. Also it is cool to see all the wondrous buildings and sights.


Hopefully, you guys have learned some cool thing that are in Dubai. Like hanging out with dolphins or mini golfing in the glow-in-dark. I also told you about my problems I might have to watch out to.I love Dubai!