Vote Cristian Moreno

For Board of Trustees and Student Senate Re-election

Cristian Moreno has experience and is here for the Students!

Cristian gained valuable experience his first 2 semesters on Senate. Cristian took responsibility of Big Blue, the I-wing gymnasium, Campus PD, and the Wi-FI availability at Stockton. Cristian has helped addressed student concerns on the Buzzocracy site, and has helped facilitate a relationship between the students and faculty. Through Senate, Cristian is working toward his goal of making sure students have a voice at Stockton.

Cristian is here for one reason, the Students. Cristian will make sure that all students have a say of what goes on in all different aspects of this College, as he believes students have the right to be heard. Cristian is wholeheartedly dedicated to making sure Stockton takes a step in right direction, with the guidance of you, the Students of Stockton College.

Voting Starts on Monday April 13th and ends Tuesday April 14th

Student Senate Elections Commercial