The Answer is as Simple as Art!

The soloution to the Children's Museum's problem!

It would appear the Children's Museum has a problem, and I have a soloution.

The exhibit that the Children's Museum should add to actract more 6th to 8th graders is art! When I say art, I do not only mean paintings and drawings, but music too, and sculptures! Though the Children's Museum does have a rather large glass structure in the middle of the stairs, they lack that of which we truly desire. Most teens favorite art is music, which would please that certain age group, while older adults would like the paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The younger kids could just draw for their parents as they look around. It really is not that bad an idea. Art is the way that someone portrays life and how they see Music is how a musician expresses their feelings toward something, be it how the world is evil and cruel through passionate singing, or through popping tags while you have $20 in your pocket. The Children's Museum could seperate the art in periods, and have renaissance art in one area, the modern era art in another, and everything else can have its own area. People of all ages could travel through time, and listen and see the different ages of art as they learn about he history. Some of the teens probably won't care about the history, but everyone else will, and as they continue to return, maybe that will change, and they will care about the history of art.

This is the answer to all your problems!

Look at the facts!

Art is everywhere around us, it is time to embrace it!

With the six different eras of art, there has to be one that you like, whether it be the Renaissance, or the Barouque, or even the Romantic *wink wink* era. Think of all the happy customers that would want to keep coming back again and again!

What is Art?