Chemical and Physical


  • What is matter? Anything with mass and volume
  • Examples of what has mass; Wombats, air, clay, togas, and everything else
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Physical change

  • A change in matter that doesn't effect it's chemical composition
  • Examples; Cutting fabric, melting ice, chopping wood

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Physical property

  • A physical property characteristics of a substance that can be observed without changing it.
  • Examples: purple, square faces, cube
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Chemical change

  • A chemical reaction; a process that changes substances into new substances.
  • Examples; rust, lighting a match, making salt water
  • Indicators; change of temperature, color, production of gas and formation of a precipitation
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Chemical property

  • A characteristic of a substance when it interacts with another substance
  • Rusting, brackish water, ashes
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Physical change video

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