Words from Weston

A Monthy Newsletter from Weston Elementary

November, 2020 Issue

Kasie Allen, Principal / Debbie Case, Secretary / Ronda LeBrasseur, Clerk

Weston School Day: 9:15-2:30

Dear Weston Families,

Reading at home is one of the best educational activities you can do to promote academic growth for young children. For this reason, we are implementing several new elements to Weston's Read at Home Plan, the first of which began last week. Last Friday, and every Friday moving forward, students receive nursery rhymes or poems to read with you at home. With repeated readings, your child will become increasingly independent with reading it on his/her own! This will also help develop reading fluency, concepts of rhyme and other important skills.

In addition to the weekly Read at Home Poems and Rhymes shared by the school, we are also sharing a booklet full of great activities to help kids develop literacy skills at home. Please click the link below to download.

A third element of our Read at Home plan consists of providing families the option to request books to read at home. If you are interested in print materials to read at home, please sign up using the form linked here. Once you sign up, a bag of books will be sent home with your child or can be picked up at school. You will be able to keep these books for as long as you like, then when you are ready for new books, simply drop the old ones back at school, and we will prepare a new bag! Each bag will consist of several books at/around your child's reading level that can be read with independence and 1-2 library-type books to be read to/with your child.

Research has shown that reading is the best way to improve vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. Reading also helps students become better writers. The best way to become a better reader is to practice by reading often and from different kinds of texts. We are excited about continuing to partner with our families to promote literacy development in a variety of ways!


Kasie Allen, Principal

Families that Read Together Succeed Together (Click to read more.)

Set aside time to read together as a family. There is a strong connection between a child's reading at home and the progress they make once they start school. Plus, it's just fun!

When older siblings read to younger ones, great things happen (Click to read more.)

Encourage your children to read together. Reading to siblings is one of the best ways to engage students in reading.

Please set aside 20 minutes each evening to read with your child. This adds up to about 10 hours of reading time per month!

Big picture

Congratulations to Our Students of the Month!

Students who go above and beyond to demonstrate elements of good character are recognized as Students of the Month. Congratulations to the following students for being selected for September!

Mr. Chambers: Kenslie Weckler

Ms. Becker: Ashton Bogan

Mrs. Berlin: Evan Messenger

Mrs. Hays: Brittan Dumler

Mrs. Kacel: Griffin Faulkner

Mrs. Simms: Athena Hester

Mrs. Goulish/Cichowicz: Isabella Whitman

Mrs. Brockman: Sofia Sullivan

Mrs. Howell: Edward Parks

Mrs. Ogans: Lillianna Mar

Mrs. Webster: Zoey Sidwell

Parent Group

Meetings are held every other month. For the time-being, meetings will be held virtually. The committee would love to have new faces to help us with ideas. If you are interested in connecting with the PTO, please email: westonelempto@gmail.com
  • Next meeting: November 2, at 5:30
Join via Zoom:

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences

As you know, COVID-19 has made this year different in many ways, and our P/T Conferences are no exception. Conferences will be held during the week of Nov. 16-20 via video conference or phone. Our goal is 100% participation. Sign-up information will be sent out electronically on Friday, November 6th. Report Cards will be mailed home to all students. Teachers will also share them during conferences. Parents, please follow up with your child after the conference to discuss their report card, progress toward their goals, and strengths.


Please click below to download the November lunch menu for Weston.

Google Classroom

Now, more than ever, it is important for you to connect to your child's Google Classroom (https://classroom.google.com), using your student's email and password to login if you have not already done so. You can log on to Google Classroom from any device connected to internet - even a phone! Click here for a booklet with tips for logging on, as well as basics for navigating. If you prefer a video version, click here.

Newsletters and loads of other information is posted here. Familiarity with this platform becomes even more important if your child needs to quarantine due to exposure to a Covid positive individual or due to being symptomatic.

Again, KCS student emails must be used to login, or access will be denied. Student emails are as follows: Firstname.Lastname@students.kearsleyschools.org

Paswords are kearstudentID

As an example, Jen Doe with student ID#12345 would have an email of Jen.Doe@students@kearsleyschools.org and her password would be kear12345

Please contact your child's teacher or the office if you are not sure of his/her student ID.

More Tech Info

Students can access Classlink from your devices at home at launchpad.classlink.com/kearsley

This allows students to access the apps in their launchpad even when away from school. :)

Having trouble with your new device? Please reach out to the Tech Department: kearhelp@kearsleyschools.org or 249-1266.


We value the importance of your child being at school every day and learning as much as (s)he can. For the 2020-2021 school year, according to the State of Michigan, the district must report the number of students "engaged in pandemic learning." Therefore, please have your student log in to classes daily if learning online, or come to school on time each day for in-person learning. We will not have negative consequences regarding attendance, as long as kids are completing their work. If your child is an in-person learner and is sick, please keep him/her home and reach out to the teacher for assignments. All teachers have Google Classroom and can readily provide instruction and materials there.

Make Sure You're in the Know!

Please go to the district website at: www.kearsleyschools.org and fill out the information for Ed Alerts, right hand side about halfway down. That is how all important information is shared.

A quick and easy way to keep in touch with your child’s teacher is through email. Email addresses are generally the first initial and last name of the teacher @kearsleyschools.org.

-Please note that we will have a half day of school on November 25 (Weston's student day is 9:15 am – 12:20 pm for half days). There will be no school on November 26-27.
Parenting During COVID-19 Guide for Families

If you are a parent looking for practical solutions about how to help your child to succeed academically during these challenging times, please se this resource.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Children reap important benefits from daily physical activity. (The Journal of Pediatrics, Vol. 146, No. 6, June 2005) Healthy physical activity patterns help students to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being. Benefits include:

-Improved focus, concentration and energy levels

-Improved memory function and problem-solving skills

-Reduced stress and risk of some diseases (diabetes, heart disease…)

-Improved creativity and decision-making skills

-Improved reaction time and motor skills

-Improved self-esteem

-Improved social skills through healthy competition and cooperation

-Muscle strength, stamina, healthy bones and tissue growth