Week 3

Intro to Documentary Films

Instructions for this week

This week we'll begin looking at the importance of documentary films and how they tie together with critical thinking. There is a short lecture and links to a few articles that will give you additional background on several documentaries.

Additionally, there are a few short articles on docs and then your assignments for this week will be a discussion board (try to post early, and then respond to at least two classmates.

You have your first Critical Thinking project this week. You will choose a documentary film and a "styled" feature film version. These should be about the same story, but one will be a documentary and the other will have actors playing the subjects. I have given you a list of examples to work with, but feel free to choose your own combination. Email me if you want to check if you film combo works for this assignment.

I'll be doing some grading today so check the grade book and always review my feedback. Also, email me with any questions or comments. I know we just started, but I haven't heard from a lot of you yet!

Good luck this week!

Prf. Hoffman


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