SHS STAFF - Week of February 3, 2020

THANK YOU For Putting On A Great Indian Showcase! You Guys Are The BEST!

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We listened to you about limiting air time and cutting announcements to once per week. We are instead sending them to students via email.

Students are reporting that they don't listen to the announcements on Mondays and they don't read their email and that teachers don't make them listen or even care to try.

I don't think this is true of most teachers but if you are one who doesn't make students listen to the announcements on Mondays I would ask that you start. Students are missing vital information and opportunities.

This came to light because the ASVAB announcement was repeated for 3 weeks that juniors were testing unless they opted out. On the day of the ASVAB, students just denied to show up, defying any coaxing by their teachers to go to the lecture hall.

We order exams based on the headcount and proctors drove three hours to give the exam. We could have reduced the sessions to one if students who did not want to take the test would have opted out.

Now, I am not putting the responsibility on you to have them opt out but it could have helped if students were asked to listen to announcements and encouraged to check their emails.

Thank you in advance for having students listen to announcements on Monday and encouraging them to check their email.

Teacher Brag Board!

"These two fellow math teachers, Mr. Adkins & Mr. Harrison, tag-teamed and worked hard to teach my classes a new lesson to ensure they didn't fall behind during my unexpected absence for my mom's surgery this week. I appreciate my teammates!! "~ Mrs. Jones, Math Department

Indian Walks! - FEBRUARY 5, 2020


SHOW, DON'T TELL - When you tell rather than show, you simply inform your reader of information rather than allowing them to deduce anything. Showing would paint a picture the reader could see in her mind's eye. Please encourage students to show, don't tell!

FEEDBACK - We will do our best to leave a sticky note on each sample displayed at the next Indian Walks.

The next Indian Walks is February 5, 2020.

Nuts and Bolts

Teacher Leadership Academy - Teachers who were chosen to participate in this academy are gearing up to work on some great projects to benefit our campus and the district. I've been asked to share with you that 6th-grade teachers are creating a mentor program and will be sending out a survey to understand your needs. Please be sure to participate so they can create a program that will benefit you!

SmartFind Express - Beginning February 3rd we will be using the new absence system, SmartFind Express. If you have not registered you need to do so now. Please contact Mrs. Nelson with any questions.

TELPAS - Please review the TELPAS Training Slides and collection calendar below. (Department Heads, please make sure all new staff understands their responsibilities in collecting samples.)

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From the Library!

The New York Times is now yours to explore. I hope you and your faculty have started taking advantage of your school’s two-year free access to, sponsored by Verizon.

I’ll be sending more information about The Learning Network shortly to help your team teach with The Times, but I wanted to make you aware of a new program and a pressing deadline. Special consideration will be made for faculty members at Title I schools.

We have some exciting news to share. This year, we’ve established The New York Times Teaching Project, a program to bring together a community of excellent educators to help develop rich new ideas that use Times resources in imaginative ways. It is open to high school and middle school librarians and teachers of all subject areas who are employed full-time at an accredited school in the United States.

  • We’ll kick off with a three-day institute in July at The New York Times Building in Manhattan.
  • Travel and lodging is included.
  • The program continues throughout the 2020-2021 school year as participants create and test their own curriculum projects and collaborate with Learning Network staff members through virtual meetups.
  • Learn more or start the application process here.

Space is limited and the application process is selective. If you teach with The Times, or if you want to bring more current events and issues into your school, please consider applying or sharing this information with teachers or librarians who may be interested. The deadline is February 25.

"Rep Your College" Door Contest!

WHAT - We are excited to bring back for the 2nd year our "Rep your Alma Mater Door Decorating Competition!"

WHEN - Judging will take place February 28, 2020, @ 1:00 PM


  • This competition has been designed to engage school staff and students in activities that promote positive community engagement, as well as college and career access and success.

  • We encourage all SHS faculty and staff to participate.


Winning a prize is determined solely based on the highest scores achieved under the Judging Criteria (as defined below). Judges will review each Entry and three winners will be selected based on a composite score using the following criteria:

  • Originality ( 50%) - Originality will be judged based on the uniqueness, inventiveness, creativity and original thought of the door creation.
  • Workmanship (30%) - Workmanship will be judged based on the quality, neatness, and attention to detail given in creating the door decoration that represents your alma mater.
  • Use of Information (20%) – As the door is decorated, consider the facts about your alma mater that would convince students to attend!
  • You may share a door with a fellow faculty member.

Upcoming Events

February 3

February 4

  • Basketball vs Celina @ SHS, 5:00 PM (Teacher Appreciation Night)
  • JV, V Softball Scrimmage @ Joshua HS, 5:00 PM

February 5

  • Indian Walks @ 9:00 AM

February 6

  • V Tennis vs Anna @ SHS

February 7

  • Pep Rally during Tribe Time
  • Basketball vs Melissa @ SHS, 5:00pm (Senior Night)
  • V Softball Scrimmage @ Potsborro HS, 5:00 PM

February 8

  • ACT and TSI @ SHS, 8:00 AM
  • Academic UIL @ Prosper HS
  • Baseball Scrimmage @ Krum HS, 12:00 PM


It's all in the delivery...

"I've been making the conscious change of saying, "We missed you yesterday. Is everything ok?" rather than, "Where were you yesterday?" when a student comes back from being absent, and I think it makes a difference." ~ Howie Hua, Educator

It's a great day to be a Sanger Indian!

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