My whole 6th grade year at BSIS!!!

Alexis Carmona Aragon

My favorite 6th grade moment

My favorite moment was when we went to wonder works. And we climbed the ropes to the very top and when me and Chase ran through the whole thing without falling. That whole experience wants me to go back cause they had a tank full of water that was the same temperature that was there when the titanic it was cold, so we made a challenge of who can hold their hand in the water for the longest , Luke and Tyler tied so after the whole time we were their we had to go. I can say that was the funnest field trip that we ever went on.
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My favorite thing to do in science is to do experiments with my friends and class

My best friends

My best friends through out the year are Jamiyas, Jayse, Luke, Tyler, Alex, Jeremy, Chase, Dallas, Aaron, Keaton, Devin, Zyrion, Sally, And last but not least Alyssa.

The biggest mistake I ever made

The biggest mistake I ever made was when I did not do my homework and i lied to my teacher that i could not find it , but I will never lie again.

Most embarrassing moment!!!!!!!!!

My most embarrassing moment was when I fell during gym really hard while getting hit in the face with a dodge ball. When I fell and got back up I tried to play it cool, but I already knew it was not reversible.

A sad moment.

A friend named Da'vorious Gray passed away , you are missed
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