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The Purpose of Xiaomi is to produce high quality electronic goods that do not cost a fortune. Mr. Jun Lie has worked along with his other Co-Founders to accomplish this goal. in my opinion they have succeeded in their purpose because an MI4 Costs 283.88 (in us dollars)


Xiaomi is innovative because they produce High-quality technology at a cheap and affordiable price. it creates phones, TVs, headphones that perform extremely well and are built to last. Unlike apple they sell their phones cheap and rely on quality to sell their products, not brand recognition.


Xiaomi has a had a huge impact on Asian society, it has allowed them to have a phone that is manufactured locally in China. it has also had a small impact on western society by giving other electronic giants a small run for their money in Asia. It has not had much impact on western society due to the fact they have only been around 5 years in the future it will most likely have a larger impact.