South Carolina

Faith Morrissey

State Statistics

Capitol -Columbia
Admitted to United States -May23,1788
Motto- Animis Opibusque Parati, Dum Spiro spero
Population- 4,012,012
Largest Cities- Columbia, Sumpter, Charleston, Greenville, North Charleston
Border States- Georgia, North Carolina
Nickname- The Rice State
State Song- Carolina

State Geography

Landforms- Rolling Hills,Piedmont, Plateau, Mountains
Natural Resources- Minerals, Forests, Water, Rich Soil, Limestone, Clay, Granite, and Vermiculite

State Symbols

Fun Facts

Beverage- Tea
It used to be illegal to- Go to church without carrying a gun, and file down a donkey's teeth
State Fish- Striped Bass
Fruit- Peach
Dance- Shag
Jem- Amethyst