Ms. Mills Class

English II

Kayla Mills

I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Texas State University. This is my third year teaching English II, and Pre A.P. English II at Winston Churchill High School. I feel extremely fortunate to work within such a spirited, and supportive community. W.C. is truly a special place, and my experience here has been amazing!

The goal for English II and Pre A.P. English II is to develop critical thinking, reading, and writing abilities. I hope to give my students the confidence and skills they need to succeed throughout their educational, and professional lives.

Macbeth Project

Tuesday, April 19th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Thematic Scene Major Writing Assignment

We have discussed many themes present in Macbeth, and we have come to a point in our reading where we can start identifying these themes at work in the play. We have also read many scenes at this point, and you are becoming more comfortable with the format of a play.


You will write a scene that conveys one of the themes present in Macbeth. Your scene should be at least 3 pages minimum (you need some time to develop the theme! Shakespeare has 5 whole acts to convey something you’re trying to do in one scene!). Your scene does not have to have anything to do with Macbeth. It doesn’t need to be set in Scotland, it doesn’t need to be in archaic language, you are simply going to discuss one of these themes in some way. This is a partner assignment. The work should be divided equally. This assignment must be submitted to by 5 P.M. on April 19th.

We will have a conference over the Macbeth project April 12th.