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Edition 21-Friday 19th July 2019

A Note from the Principal

Our school has a new principal starting next week and it made me think about how we deal with change. Change is often really hard and a little bit scary because of the unknown and because we like to stay in our comfort zone – it’s called a “comfort” zone for a reason! Our brains are actually wired to keep doing the same things over and over. This is true of us as individual people and of organisations like our school. We feel relaxed and safe and understandably want to stay where it’s familiar. But eventually something happens that knocks us out of that zone. Change will eventually strike, it is simply part of life. Because our brains want to keep things the same, change can feel confusing and unwelcome. However, we can learn to embrace change. The way we look at and the mindset we have about change has a big impact on how we are affected by changes that will inevitably happen.

Change can be really positive and is actually necessary to help us grow. Our lives or organisations become stagnant without it. As a runner and running coach I know this and use this to improve performance. If I run the same distance and effort day after day pretty quickly I will plateau. It will feel pretty comfortable, but my results will not improve. To improve and get stronger and faster I need to push my body into doing something more stressful. This will force the muscles and cells to adapt and grow. It’s the same with our brains, they get stronger and healthier as they rewire themselves as a result of change.

So a new principal starting is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to grow, adapt, learn and improve as a community and as a school. I want to thank all of you for being so positive during this transition time. So we say Farewell and thank you to Cameron and we look forward to Tracey starting here on Monday.

Tom Gamble

Assistant Principal

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It is will pleasure that we announce that Tracey Robertson – Smith will be the acting Principal of Healesville Primary School in Term 3. Tracey is well known to the staff as she has been working as part of the team of the Differentiated Support for Schools Initiative (DSSI) in the Outer East Schools. She is an experienced leader committed and passionate about improving student learning outcomes. Tracey will start at Healesville Primary School on Monday 22 July, 2019.

We will send out a notice in the near future regarding a morning tea to welcome Tracey to our school.

Kind regards,

Kylie Short

School Council President

Healesville Primary School

Farewell from Mr Heath ..

Dear Healesville Community,

Over the last five years Healesville Primary School has undergone enormous change across the school academically, socially, behaviourally and physically.

Healesville Primary School has been working hard on improving teacher practice in all areas to ultimately to improve the outcomes for all students. Reading has been focus this year with professional learning delivered to build best practice across the school. The school professional learning plan has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the teachers and improve learning experiences targeted at individual student needs. Wellbeing has also been a focus and I am sure you will agree we have achieved a positive feel around the school. Growth Mindset, Rock and Water, Behaviour Expectations, etc. have all contributed to this shift in student’s attitudes. This year Healesville PS has been recognised by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority as displaying outstanding growth in Year 3 to Year 5 NAPLAN maths. This is a direct result of the work Tom Gamble started in 2015. Tom and Chris Kent are currently participating in a Leading Maths course to continue the work that has started.

Parents and Community Helpers (PACH) has organised and run wonderful events for the Community and the students like the Disco, Sausage Sizzles, Trivia night, Fair etc. The efforts of PACH will allow improvements to be made to the play grounds and build resources for the classrooms.

As the Principal I am very proud of the Healesville students and the growth mindset they display.

The Attitudes to School survey reflects that the students are happy, proud and engaged at school. Almost all variables in the survey are above the average state result. An outstanding result for all students, teachers and community members.

Staff Opinion survey has shown enormous growth in most variables, for example 5 years ago staff told us that Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum was at 16%, in 2018 staff told us that it now sits at 69%. This is still just below State Average, but what an amazing turn around.

The Parent Opinion Survey over the past five years has also reflected growth in all areas including Connectedness to School and the Managing of Bullying.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I have finished my Principalship at Healesville Primary School and will start the next chapter of my career as Principal of Casey Fields (Five Ways) Primary School. This is an exciting period for me as a Principal as I will be the Foundation Principal at Casey Field (Five Ways) PS. The school is yet to be built and will open January 2020. First on the agenda for me will be naming the school, designing a logo, selecting uniform colours and so on.

Good luck to all students in their education journey, I will miss you.

Thank you to all Healesville Primary School Community, I have enjoyed the past five years.

Kind regards

Cameron Heath

Wednesday 24 July

Winter Gala Sports Day - Selected Students

Friday 26 July

Ski Trip - selected students

Wednesday 31 July

Round Robin - Years 5/6

Tuesday 6 August

PACH Meeting - 9am Staffroom

Friday 9 August

Year 5/6 - Interschool Sport - Away vs Woori Yallock

Monday 12 August - Tuesday 20 August

Middle School Swimming - 3K, 3/4B, 4GH & P6J

Friday 16 August

Year 5/6 Interschool Sport - Home vs Launching Place

Students of the Week (last week Term 2)

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Welcome back from your break and welcome to term 3. I hope you are all ready for another term. This week we are going to be making pop-up shark cards, as well as designing a small key chain for the parents. We are also going to be playing some memory games to give our brains abit of a work-out.

If you know your child is not well and is booked into BSC or ASC, please let me know or cancel it with Camp Australia .

Stacey & Bob, Camp Australia - where we make children smile.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afters School Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.