Things about me

What symbolizes me

Learning styles

I like learning things on my own or with one or two people.

Ethnic/cultural background

I am Dutch and Irish. Both sides of my family are dutch. My mom's side is also part irish.


Bucket list

  1. to go in a hot air balloon
  2. to own a bakery
  3. ride a skateboard
  4. ride a train
  5. ride a plane
  6. go to another country
  7. hug a panda
  8. ride a motorcycle
  9. go to a concert
  10. meet Austin Mahone
  11. meet Alex Constancio

What I'm good at

I'm good at talking and being loud. My friends say that i'm always opptimistic.

Something you should know about me

I love doing DIY projects (do it yourself.) My favorites are bottle charms and melted crayon art. I love love love animals and i get to attached to animals to quickly. I love cooking and baking even though i'm not good at it. :P

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