Being A Psychiatrist

A hard working,stressful but worth the time job.

Job Description

Physicians who diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders of the mind

Step 1

-​Earn a bachelor's degree for psychology

Step 2-

-Pursue a medical degree

Step 3

-Complete a Residency

Step 4

-Obtain a License

Step 5

-Become Board Certified
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Hazards of Being a Psychiatrist


-Physical Dangers


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Issues Psychiatrist Face

Ethical issues

(Hippocratic Oath)

-Not showing sympathy to a patient Or showing too much sympathy

​-Messing with family issues in the job
-Letting patient do all the talking
- Not deciding what's best for the patient

Legal Issues

-Suicide Prevention
-Changes in reimbursement

Safety Steps to minimize injury

-Improving Patient Handling

-Nurse to patient ratio


You can't really catch an infection as a psychiatrist but you deal with many people who do have mental issues as example bipolar disorders, depression and eating disorders.
A trip to the Psychiatrist.