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The Increasing Popularity Of Fingerprint Lock Key Will Become History

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, safety needs are higher than the physiological needs only a low level of demand, but in human history, in fact, the strength of security measures is always the identity, status-related. The more important the people and institutions, the more need for tight security measures, and sometimes it is not their own choice, but it is the interests of society as a whole needs.

Along with social progress and improvement of living standards, the average person on the security and privacy requirements are also increasing. Ministry of Construction and the Office of the housing industry have raised: as a smart community and the family of the minimum functional requirements of intelligent, that is, within the family home to achieve the "three" functions; that: " security , disaster prevention, anti-accident.

In recent years, people are constantly trying to achieve with all the modern technology to enhance security, including the application of biometric technology more and more showing their intelligence and humanity of the great advantages of fingerprint locks will be the IC card door locks and proximity card After the door lock electronic control with a new protagonist.

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Some time ago to visit a friend's new home, his shock is not small, the others have trouble too unbearable. Vehicles approaching the home of friends that tall, and dialed his phone . "I'll go downstairs and get you." Owner is very enthusiastic. Thought not to be so polite, right?" "No, or you could not come."

Welcome to the first floor lobby of the owner, holding a card. Greetings all the way all the way to go inside, the card to the Department, an open door and crashed. To the elevator door, "No press, press and white press." Flash master raising his hand, the elevator opened. Upstream, into the elevator door to open has been the host of the home --- inside the door card information stored with the owner, he thought someone's home is impossible.

Go with friends lament the this Access Control & Locks and strict style mansion-style, while concerns with this technology cold may bring inconvenience and negative effect: this card is how to do if lost? Home to the short stay of the guests are we going to "Quanpei?" Communication to modern urban neighborhood had less lift only pass their own home, I am afraid it really "never in contact with" the.

High-end residential to large-scale control of alien workers into the really the only way to do this? Beijing 2008 Olympic athletes apartments have a better solution --- with biometrics: fingerprint lock .

It means the Code Technology Co., Ltd. Heilongjiang Golden, Assistant General Manager Wang Mei, the "golden mean code" of the U.S. joint venture partner --- LBI Group, is the world's leading fingerprint recognition technology security systems provider in the United States and Europe and other developed countries dominate the market dominant position, its sales network in more than 100 countries and regions.

Kim refers to the code for its Fingerprint security, convenience and superior quality to become China's 2008 Olympic Games to use the product specified, in April 2006 has been fully applied to Olympic athletes apartments, reached a total of 4280 units installed. The lock can store up to up to 5000 fingerprint data, as long as the finger by athletes, can successfully enter the apartment until her room, both to ensure the safety of the apartment, but also eliminates the need for them to carry identity papers, the door card trouble , but also reflects the Beijing Olympics facilities, intelligent and humane.

What kind of fingerprint door lock can bring security and convenience? Kim refers to the whole body of stainless steel fingerprint lock code heavy in his hand, the staff told reporters, this lock is a metal forming of stainless steel, the surface made of a special strengthening treatment, has excellent resistance to violent shocks, factory to go through water, heat, cold, anti-corrosion, anti-electromagnetic testing the limits of 36 rigorous tests to ensure that the most stable of world security performance.

Moreover, the gold that code Fingerprint matching is very high, with anti-theft door locks linked heaven and earth, to further enhance security.

In the input fingerprint to open the locks after the identity of the owner, staff to allow journalists to press three times in the fingerprint sensor fingerprint, the reporter has become the "guests" in a. When the locks on the three sturdy bolt lock the door after the pop-up, the reporter pressed her fingers, the LCD screen displays the 1st guests to open the door, press the Enter key, soft reduction handle, "clicking" sound will answer the door opens.

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