South Africa

Unity in Diversity

What is the size of the country's area?

South Africa is relatively large compared to it's neighboring countries. It's area is just a bit over 471,000 miles. This pushes Africa's most southern country into a powerful position as it is not a country to leave out.

What is the population of the country?

South Africa's population of 51.2 million seems little to a country such as America or China, but for a country at the bottom of Africa 51.2 million is a lot of people. Almost all of the countries in Africa don't have a large population which enforces South Africa has a nation even more.

How well educated and united is it's population?

South Africa's education system is similar to that of America's with a slight alteration. After Primary & Secondary School students can opt ( or students who have failed ) to finish their studies at a Training Institution. Students who have passed move on to finish their studies. From there, college becomes an available option. However, many South African students come to America to learn at a college hear as South Africa has very few. This sufficiency unifies South Africa's students to strive for an educated success to benefit the countries future.

How large and well-equipped are it's armed forces?

South Africa's armed forces are one of the strongest in Africa. They aren't in any current wars but their strong army forces from the days of apartheid are still buzzing. A nation's army is a crucial factor in the outcome of that country's strength and with an unforgettable set of forces like this one, it strongly benefits South Africa.

What are the country's physical features?

South Africa obtains beautiful landscapes like the rest of Southern Africa. The country is known for it's mountains, rivers, & wildlife. A popular sight to see is Table Mountain, a mountain with a top as flat as a table, which is located in Cape Town. Breathtaking views are beneficial to bring in people to raise the population a bit.

How productive is the economy?

Regardless of the world shaking in the corruption of economic failure, South Africa has managed to stay up on its feet. With a strong development of natural resources, the stability of politics, and a well capitalized banking system this nation doesn't seem to be failing anywhere or anytime soon. South Africa has the largest economy in Africa.
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