Canada's Defining Moment!

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Confederation was a process when British colonies united Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into one Dominion into Canada. This was The beginning of the Great nation Canada became a Dominion in the British Commonwealth and John A. Macdonald became Canada's first prime minister.

First War!

Canada automatically join the war in 1914, they did not have a choice whether they want to join or not, because at the time Canada was dominion of Britain, and all dominion of Britain had to join war. Canada pledge to Britain send 500,00 men to WW1, and did but conscription was introduced.

Some Famous Battle that Canada Fought in WW1

Canada Becoming A Nation!

Independence From Britain

Canada officially became a country in July 1, 1867 when it signed the BNA Act. This was called Confederation.

Canada became independent, first signing treaties with Britain's permission and in 1920 Canada decided that Canada wouldn't automatically send their troops into conflicts where the British were involved.

Also, Canada also made a point that they weren't fully independent because they have to consult Britain if wanted to change Canadian Constitution. Finally in 1982, Queen Elizabeth II and Pierre Trudeau, the PM of Canada signed the Constitution Act, 1982, when Canada was fully Independent.

Stock market Crash!

Canada was hit by world wide stock market crash. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was the beginning of the Great Depression which caused many problems for Canada. Many people lost their jobs and the agriculture was failing. Everything went downhill.
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Second War!

This war was a lot different from the first. First of all, Canada did not join when Britain did because Canada was by now technically independent.

Recovery of Stock Market Crash!

Stock Markets did not fully recover until the beginning of WW2. The stock market started recovering because of the second war. Since more unemployed soldiers fought or were engaged in producing ammunition. That increases the Jobs and the economy started growing again.

Invented Bombardier (Snowmobile)

Fourteen-year-old Joseph-Armand Bombardier's father bought him a Ford Model-T engine just to keep him busy in the garage for a while.
Joseph was inspired by long winters and impassable roads. If anyone needed to travel to the next town -or to a hospital- the only option was walk. After working for more than a year in his father’s workshop, on New Year’s Eve 1921, he emerged driving a very innovative and creative idea. The idea was to make a vehicle that consisted of an engine mounted on wooden skis, with an airplane propeller on the back. And it drove right over the snow. This was his first Snowmobile. And this was the the beginning of a Josephs' career as an inventor.
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The Vietnam War

Vietnam may have been America's war but Canada was heavily involved — for and against. About 30,000 Canadians volunteered to fight in Southeast Asia. Canada was also involved in missions, weapons testing, arms production, and the supervision of ceasefires.

Despite a law that made it illegal, many individual Canadians chose to sign up with the U.S. armed forces to fight in Vietnam.

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Cold War and Spy Scandle!

Canada went into the Cold War world quickly and unexpectedly. In September 1945, a young Russian named Igor Gouzenko walked into the newsroom of the Ottawa Citizen and announced he had proof of a widespread Soviet spy ring operating in Canada.

Since that incident Canada began not trusting the Russians and some other communist countries, but only till the end of cold war.

Accepting Refugees!

Canada is accepting more that 10,000 Syrian refuges and already did 2,000. To date, Canada has committed over $969 million in humanitarian, development and security assistance in response to the Syria crisis.

Canada has worked to support the Syrian people. We have been active in calling on the international community to come together and defend the rights of the Syrian people to determine their own future.

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