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Cristen Bopp, LLC

Energy Worker, Certified Qi Gong (Chinese Internal Martial Arts) Instructor, Animal Communicator, & Writer

“The cloud can screen the sun but cannot cover it. Even when the sky is full of thick clouds the sun is still shining vigorously. Though for a time it cannot illuminate every corner of the land, it dispels dark clouds constantly. The light is about to shine through —who can stop it?” Ou Wen Wei, Path of Life V III P 110

Like a Raven you are: powerful, brave, limitless, and strong. Raven energy helps us overcome darkness by encouraging us to believe in ourselves. We alone have the power to make any necessary changes to become happy. You are the way since you have always had the light within you.

How did I come to embrace these strong convictions? The past few years of my life have been full of change. I fled from an abusive spouse, divorced, and weaned myself off of five prescriptions. Amazing! I went from barely being able to walk to the toilet to walking for an hour outside with my dog. Yay! I’ve lost 40 pounds. Hooray! Founded a charity. Wow! I have reconnected with old friends and have made so many new ones. And, I am close to being financially independent again. I have not been able to say that since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2004. I’m coming around the bend to feeling stable and grounded. I have worked so hard at overcoming so much self-doubt and fear. How did I do all this in just a few years? I practice qi gong daily and I began believing in myself.

My life was so dark, but I never gave up hope. When I couldn’t see the light within myself, I could still see it in my friends and family, my sweet animal friends, in nature, and I felt it when I was practiced Qi Gong. I had so much pushing me down, but I took a hard look at myself and made the necessary changes to improve my life. I’m still doing this as I make more mistakes while wrestling with new self-doubt and fears. However, the fight becomes easier and faster the more I do it.

You may not believe this, but I would not change anything from my past. I have suffered greatly; the above share is just a wee glimpse of the convoluted drama that I have experienced in four decades of life. But..... ya’ll, I have experienced so much goodness and love, too! All that I have been through has made the sweetness of life feel so spectacular.

The way is within. Love is all around. Change TODAY. Be the person you were put on earth to become! Amp up your Qi Gong Practice, recommit, or contact me to learn. It is a simple yet efficient and accessible internal martial arts exercise that facilitates positive changes. It’s time, Happy 2018!

Peace and Love,

Give & Receive

Allow me to introduce you to energy cultivation while you learn about two mindful meditation techniques and the power and wisdom of animal totems.

Tuesdays 7 -8 pm at The Long Life Wellness Center in Cary - $10 Group Golden Hill Meditation - All profits are donated to Golden Hill Charity

There is a grassy sunlit hill on the property of Cristen’s grandfather. It was a place of many fond memories created throughout her young life: a place of safety, peace, and playfulness where she could regroup and find strength.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a place like that?

She realized in her adult life that she could return to that Golden Hill any time she liked, through mindfulness practices like Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation. These practices provide for her that same sense of strength and peace without having to travel to her grandfather's property. She now finds the Golden Hill in her heart which inspired her to create the Golden Hill Meditation as a way to share strength, peace, and healing with others.

Experience an energy adjustment while Cristen leads you on a journey to this hilly meadow from her childhood. The healing qualities of nature's beauty and wisdom are intertwined with vital life force “qi” energy which provides:

  • Balance, Harmony, Peace of Mind, & Inexhaustible Vitality while Strengthening the Immune System, & Increasing Well Being & Happiness. Click here for more details on pangu.org.
  • Check out this fact-filled article about the benefits of meditation on Psychology Today. ​

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Services : Pangu Shengong (Qi gong, Internal Martial Arts) Instruction Moving Form & Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form. Qi Energy Adjustments for People & Animals. Oracle & Animal Totem Readings One on One or Events. Animal Communication, Hospice Care, Rainbow Bridge Passage Support - All Species & Ages. Golden Hill Meditation © - One on One, Group, Work Events

Click here to Join our local Pangu Shengong Meetup. This meetup is a way to bring locals of the Triangle together to learn The Art of Life Force through Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga.

Yearly Forecast Animal Totem Reading Special

Glean practical and empowering advice from the symbolism and wisdom of animals.

Call today to schedule an hour-long, yearly forecast animal totem reading. I need practice with reading new animal totem spreads. You need guidance on what's in store for you and what to manifest in 2018. Golden Hill Charity needs donations. It's a win all around!!!

The hour appointments are only $20. The reading will be just as empathic and empowering. I just need practice with some new spreads. I will donate $5 of your payment to Golden Hill Charity.

The appointment can be done in person or over Skype/Facetime.

Animals are teachers and healers who love helping humans. They are there waiting... I am the middle person who relays their empowering messages.

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