What exactly is the Touring Car Racing?

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Touring Car Racing

Touring car racing is an auto racing competition of advanced racing cars. Races of touring cars are conducted on road courses and street circuits. Touring cars come from family cars like sedans, hatchbacks and do not support high technical level. Just like any other racing game, all the riders participating in this game focus on covering the road track within the shortest time span and be the first one to win the game. The riders have to be quick and sharp as there can be a margin of less than one-tenth of a second between the first three finishers.

The touring car series consists of one or more endurance races with time duration of 3-24 hours. Most series require that the competitors start with a standard body shell, but virtually every other component is allowed to be heavily modified for racing, including engines, suspension, brakes, wheels and tires. All the 경마사이트 racing cars should be exact copies of other cars. Managing racing cars require a different level of precision. Some controlled parts are mandatory for all the racing cars. The front and rear sub-frames are installed, the body shell is stripped to bulkhead and is put in front sub-frame. A single wrong measurement can affect the complete machine and everything has to be redesigned again.

The basic tools required to be prepared in race is the race kit. It consists of helmet, gloves, firearm suit and racing boots. The Helmet used in TCR is round-shaped and made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiberglass shell. But before wearing helmet, it is required to wear a head sock underneath. Gloves are important to protect the rider’s hand and ensure proper grip. Racers wear a one-piece uniform that is fire resistant. This is essential for the rider to prevent acquiring burns when accidents happen. Also the rider's feet is needed protection. The shoes must have a layer of leather on the outside and a layer of Nomex from the inside. It is also essential to wear fireproof socks for more protection.

The British Touring Car (BTC) Championship, commonly known as touring car series, was founded in 1958 as British Saloon Car Championship and was renamed in 1987. This car racing series is conducted every year in the UK and is governed by the TCA. For over 60 years, the BTC Championship has been regarded as the best saloon car racing championship in the world. Saloon car racing was a huge success from the very start, with the public packing into Britain’s motor sport venues to watch the top drivers of the day compete in racing versions of their road cars at simply unbelievable speeds. It’s a lasting appeal that to this day continues to deliver a punch and panache that is the envy of every other motor sporting arena in the UK.