Read 180 Update

1st Workshop: Bullies Beware (Sept. 19th-30th)


In this workshop we are learning how to summarize by identifying the main idea and the key details in passages. To summarize, students first should identify the topic of the reading. The topic tells what the reading is mainly about, and it closely relates to the main idea. The main idea is typically stated in the first paragraph of the reading. After identifying the main idea, students identify four key details that support the main idea. The key details are the important information that correlates with the main idea. Using these components, students create a summary of the reading in their own words. As students bring home nonfiction books or review science or social studies assignments, please reinforce this skill of identifying the main idea and key details.

Skills Practice: Summarizing

While enjoying a football game on television or attending your child's sports game, you can use this time to practice summarizing. Your child should be able to identify the topic, which would be the sport watched or played. Secondly, your child should identify the main idea, which should focus on the two opposing teams and the winning team. Your child should then highlight four important details that explain how the winning team won. Your child's summary should have at least five sentences. This is an optional activity that your child can complete to earn five additional points on an upcoming quiz.