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Who are we?

Our family has been in the funeral business for over 50 years. We know death does not rest, neither do we, we are opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. We focus on providing stability to our customers in their time of need. Our funeral services offer extensive support to relatives, while performing professional care to the deceased from the place of death (home, nursing home, hospital, etc.) Give us a call today and check out our available packages, we also have flexible payment options. Planning ahead? we can help you too.

Traditional Ground Burrial

A traditional ground burial ceremony includes: funeral home visitation, grave site purchase, embalming of the deceased , casket, burial vault, and a flat marker or an upright monument.
With all of our packets, we offer Opening and Closing, which include: Preparing grave site, funeral tent, committal service, lowering the casket, closing the vault and replacing the earth.
(Critendon, 2010)


If you are looking for something more intimate with your relative, we offer private Mausoleum. If you prefer a traditional mausoleum, we also offer available packages. Single Crypts are designed to hold one casket, there is no need to purchase a burial vault. Companion crypts are designed to hold two caskets and are available in several configurations, side by side, tandem and couch. Our Private mausoleums, include Sarcophaguses, which offer full body burial for one or two people. Our Family mausoleums offer offer burial from 1 - 24 people and are available in several designs and sizes. (The Catholic Cemeteries, 2015)


We have several cremation options which will meet your preference.
Single Niche, holds one cremation urn. Companion niche holds two cremation urns. Columbarium, is a free standing bank of niches only intended for cremated remains. Garden Abbey, is a low cost mausoleum cremation space. We offer granite boulders and benches, which seal the cremated remains. Tradition cremation options also include, graves and family columbariums. If you are looking for something more private, we offer cremation gardens, which allows you to seal your loved ones remains within the estate of your garden lot.
(The Catholic Cemeteries, 2015)

Mamorization Options

We know that you need to remember the life of a loved one with what you consider best. In a Catholic tradition, the baptized are encouraged to remember their loved ones, through prayer, rituals and permanent symbols. Those who have gone before us, should be remembered in faith. We offer a variety of meaningful ways to memorialize the life of a departed loved one.
(The Catholic cemeteries, 2015)


Many times death of a loved one comes unexpected and this might cause a burden in economy. Our funeral home is able to support families in their time of need, in providing financing options or contacting them with burial assistance services. We assist with the application with both types of funding to make the process less stressful.
We have available options for customers, wishing to plan ahead and cover the costs of service ahead of time.

Peace of Mind

We know that the loss of a loved one is hard enough for our customers, we offer the most understandable packages for every situation. We also have in house counseling services available for customers. We will handle all the technicalities, so that you do not have to.


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