April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring into Success!

Let's get our April & May where we want it with this fun Team Incentive!

Heres how it works! We are going to spend this week and next warming up leads. I have a fun DOT to Dot for you to print out. Every time you have a booking conversation you can connect a dot. Once you have all your dots connected post your picture on our DARLING Dotties FB page and you will be entered in for a prize. Book a show get two entries.
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Want another chance at success?

12 conversations will most likely get you 1-2 trunk shows booked. But what if one cancels? Let's go BIGGER! Post this Dot to dot connected and colored in and you get 2 ENTRIES!!!!!! Why wouldn't you do this for your business?
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What will you win?

This adorable inspirational tee!

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Here's simple steps on what to do:

Let's get out Spring Shining BRIGHT & get ready for HOOPLA 2015!

Need more ideas?

1. Book at your trunk shows! This is the most efficient place to book because you already have 10-20 people who love our products.

2. Feeling generous? At your trunk show do a Cupcake and Cocktail raffle and raffle an "catered" trunk show.

3. Do a Pop up shop at a salon, school, or work place to build your contacts. Book from there!

4. SKIP Facebook and head to the phones. People will be impressed you took the time to call!

5. Offer another booking incentive (see below)

6. Follow up with guests who have birthdays, wish lists, or are top customers they may be ready to spoil themselves a little bit and host a show.

7. Think outside the box. Don't offer shows to the stylish girl who loves everything. Offer shows to everyone and anyone. You will be surprised who is most interested in hosting!

8. BE BRAVE!!!

I love this idea!

You can offer this through private message on FB, email, or even over the phone. :) Just remember it can't be posted on your profile page. :)
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We can do this!!! xoxo!