Hippo Nation Human Capital Courant

Serve. Lead. Empower.

Volume XVII

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Mission Statement:

Hippo Nation inspires excellence in academics, character, and community!

Vision Statement:

Hutto ISD aspires to be the premier choice in education through innovation, leadership, and diversity.

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Thank you to our amazing Department of State and Federal Programs Department! You are valued and appreciated more than you know!

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Newest member Spotlight!

The newest addition of this team is Molly Schapiro! Welcome to this team along with Student Services; We're honored to have you!!

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We're so excited to have new and experience teachers join us in #HippoNation! Mrs. Siler joins us this year with almost 20 years from Round Rock ISD. We're so glad to have her! She is loving #HippoNation and RES!

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University of Phoenix Information for you!

Our goal at University of Phoenix is to help professional educators stay at the head of the class with courses that are innovative, relevant, and convenient. Receive 10% off tuition by contacting penny.roberts@phoenix.edu or 714-642-5855.

Start your Master of Arts in Education this November 2020 and lock in the discounted tuition rate. Students take one course at a time. Begin the first online course this November and you'll have a head start to your 2021 goals.

MAEd/Curriculum and Instruction **
Designed for teachers (P-12) who want to serve as leaders in their schools with advanced knowledge and skills in curriculum and instruction. Waive up to 12 credits if you have an academic endorsement or graduate credits that align to course(s) in the program.
35 credits (**or less if you have an endorsement)
$486 per credit with tuition discount
17 months in length (**or less if you have an endorsement)
Now enrolling for November 17th
A MAEd/CI can prepare you to be a:
  • Curriculum and assessment director
  • Curriculum and instruction director
  • Curriculum director
  • Program administrator
  • School standards coach
  • Instructional designer
  • Senior instructional designer
(**California teachers upon completion of CTC approved 2-year induction can waive up to 13 credits towards this MAED.)

MAEd/Administration and Supervision **
As an experienced educator, you are ready to start leading and helping teachers thrive. Advance your education and prepare for K-12 school principal licensure.
38 credits
$486 per credit with tuition discount
19 months in length
Now enrolling for November 10th
A MAEd/ADM can prepare you to be a:
  • Principal
  • Assistant principal
  • Athletic director
  • School administrator
Contact me for 10% tuition reduction!

Kindest regards,

Penny Roberts

Regional Education Development Specialist

University of Phoenix , College of Education

direct 714-642-5855 | mobile 714-642-5855 | fax 602-643-0890

email penny.roberts@phoenix.edu
Continuing Teacher Education Course Schedule
Scholarships now Available
College of Education career opportunities click here

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UT Principal Program - Deadline Dec. 15th!

Nominations are currently being accepted to The University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Principal Leadership Academy (TPLA).

Nominations for the Texas Principal Leadership Academy 2021 Cohort are being accepted now through December 15th. Interested candidates may self-nominate, though it is preferred candidates be nominated by a school, district or university leader familiar with that nominee’s capabilities and work.

You may nominate individuals or self-nominate via the online nomination form. Nominees will be sent TPLA information and will be required to attend one mandatory TPLA Application Information Session.

Our program prepares social justice and instructional leaders with skills and knowledge aligned to principal standards and TEA’s Effective School Model for improving schools. The curriculum enriches learning experiences and outcomes through collaboration of the student, on-site principal mentor and UT field supervisor, and faculty to provide opportunities for students to put theory into practice through a directed field experience.

TPLA is a 12-month master’s program that prepares graduates to be leaders of socially just, equitable and high-achieving public schools. Working closely with partner districts, TPLA’s goal is to recruit, prepare, and retain a diverse group of school leaders who reflect the student demographics within the partner districts.

Deadline to submit nominations is December 15th.

Applications are due January 15th.

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UT Tyler

There has never been a better time
to start your career in education!

Earn a master’s or doctoral degree from the prestigious University of Texas System, and learn from nationally-recognized faculty who lead robust and dynamic research and teaching endeavors. Learn more below.


Director of Human Capital

What does this position do for Hippo Nation? Serve. Lead. Empower.

Extension 1077 in Hippo Nation connects you directly to me!

- Dr. Almquist (@servingkids)

Here is my bio!

*Your passion, attitude, and touch change eternity.*

What is "Human Capital?"

Human Capital is the people of Hippo Nation and all that each of you bring to enhance the work within this district. According to the Oxford Dictionary it is "the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country."

What is a "Courant?"

The word courant is an older word which means newspaper! This is our 2020 courant!

Courant also means running according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Hippos run. We run to ensure that our students are getting the very best that they deserve and need. We run to ensure that the spirit of the River Horse never dies. If you didn't know, River Horse means Hippo; It is the literal English translation of the Greek word Hippopotamus!

Our Courant will be composed of topics that relate to career pathways, growing us as individuals, and other topics that relate to the human capital component of our work.

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Finding Your Meaning of Life - Inspirational Video