Top Quality Film Production

For TV or Web

Video Production

In an increasingly digital world, a video is one of the most effective ways to advertise your product or service, music or event.

Your promotional video can be formatted to your specifications to reach the widest audience possible, whether it’s on the web, TV, or some other multimedia format.

We will work closely with you to design the perfect video that effectively portrays your product or service, leading to increased sales and greater market awareness.

Small Business Commercials

Our package: 3 - 5 minute commercial highlighting your business. We come out to your business and film the commercial in High Definition video quality range from $1,500 and up. Each package are different and may vary.

Promotional Video

Our promotional videos are those that you may want to put on your website or use in your social media sites. It can vary in length anywhere from 30-60 seconds. A promotional video can show your product in action, educate, and promote upcoming events or music releases. Our packages range from $150 - $650. Each package is different and may vary in price.

Video Resumes

Get noticed and be on the cutting edge of resume technology. Don't just send an attachment like everyone else send a web based video resume link. A video resume that conforms to traditional formats but adds on a personal modern touch and is sure to get you noticed. Our packages range from $100 - $250.


Where can I use my video?

You can air on whichever TV stations or cable systems you'd like. We will also upload your HD commercial or web video production for free to YouTube/Vimeo -- you'll receive free promotion around the world! If you like, we will deliver your original file electronically ($10 fee) or we can mail you a DVD file ($15 fee). You can copy and distribute to your TV stations of choice, who will normally convert the file to whatever format they need.