Journal Entry 3

The Great Gatsby

Chapter 3, Pages: 39-59

Chapter 3 summary:

Gatsby is well known for his huge parties thrown every weekend, for this one Nick ends up earning an invitation. During the party he meets up with Jordan baker and comes to the decision, later, to take Daisy and Tom's advice to see Jordan, although learning of her true cheating, dishonest self. Him and Jordan hang around and decide to go outside and seat themselves at a table with a young man, which they start talking to him and Nick realizes that he looks familiar, he soon finds out that he is Jay Gatsby. Later Gatsby asks to talk to Jordan, taking her into another room, leaving Nick out in the party. When she comes out, and Gatsby going off to answer a phone call, she talks to Nick briefly, then they leave, Nick heading home.

Miss Jordan Baker

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She be::

  • Cheater: cheats at her first tournament
  • Liar; truth bender: like to spread lies
  • Friend of Daisy's: known Daisy in teens
  • Likes to gossip
  • Pro ladies golfer
  • Self-centered
  • Hard-headed
  • Tom boy
  • Becomes romantically involved with Nick

{}who she is{}

Jordan Baker is a well known pro ladies golfer. She has been friends with Daisy since childhood. Not all people are as great as they seem, we learn that Miss Jordan is as perfect as she seems. She is known to be a liar to bend the true to make herself more interesting, as well as a cheater. Although a golfer, she resembles a tom boy, being hard headed and self-centered, but is most certainly a woman, always gossiping. Her and Nick, set up at first, end up becoming romantically involved with each other.


"It was...simply amazing," she repeated abstractedly. "But I swore I wouldn't tell it and here I am tantalizing you" (52).

  • Jordan tells Nick here about the talk with Gatsby. In this, Jordan taunts Nick with the information about what they talked about it, but doesn't say a word just about something about a phone book, then runs off.
  • Clearly it seems Jordan is up to something, whatever they discussed seemed exciting, unless it is just her being herself to get attention.