Auburn Avenue

Jamie Draughn and Keviana Poole


The first library in the Southeast to offer specialized reference and archival collections dedicated to the study and research of African American culture and history and of other peoples of African descent


Sweet Auburn was built in 1865


This was located in downtown Atlanta,Ga on the east


It was built for African Americans , it was were they established businesses, congregations and social organizations


Auburn Avenue is a one way street that runs an Atlanta Street Car right through the middle. There are no bicycle lanes at the beginning of the street, but as you walk further you notice the labeling of “bicycle lane” located on the further left side of the street. The street has sidewalks built high from the ground, which is a great safety hazard to pedestrians. There is a Street Car stop at the beginning of the street and the structure of it is quite different from the rest of the street. The stop sits highest from the ground and it is accessible for those who are in a wheelchair. Auburn Avenue is a one way street that is very open and easy to navigate, even for people who are in a wheelchair.