From Cows To Football

By: Gavin Buck 3-AS


Do you ever wonder how a football is made? If so read this. It makes an interesting journey to your field.


The football is made from the hide of a cow. When the cow is fully grown the farmer skins the cow. Then once the farmer skins all the cow's a trucker comes and picks up the hide and delivers it to the factory.


Once the factory receives the footballs they dye the footballs brown. Then a cutter gets some leather the cutter places the leather on a metal pan and cuts around it to get the hide ready for it's bumpy texture. After its bumpy texture it get's steam bathed for at least 15 seconds it gets ready to get air blown in it. They give it a quick electrical blow up for about 10 seconds and it has to weigh exactly 8 oz to get shipped to the store.


Once the store receives the footballs the employees restock the footballs. Then they wait for somebody to buy their footballs. Why do we use this toy? TO HAVE FUNNN!!!!! But back to the facts! Once a customer buys a football the football is now theres , a present , a thank you gift , a surprise or other things.

Fun Facts

Here are some more fun facts about footballs!

Did you know the shape of a football makes it easier to throw long distances? Did you know NFL footballs don't have stripes? Did you know they stamp the logos on? Did you know the Ada,Ohio WILSON makes over 2,000 footballs every day?


If you want one come on down to your local football store and buy a football!
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