Crusader Times

October 2016

Words From Our Principal

Dear Parents and students,

BVM staff is committed to doing all we can to make our students’ middle school experience fun and successful. We firmly believe that a strong partnership between parents and school is essential for the success of all our students. At BVM we welcome the participation of all parents!!! Recently, with the support of our parents, we had a very successful Book Fair. I invite all parents to participate in our school activities and to join our PTSA! An important component in students’ success is having an educational environment and school culture where students feel safe, respected, and included. At BVM we continuously promote inclusiveness and respect by providing a number of activities and setting high and clear expectations.

Eduardo Reyes, Ed.D.

Before/After School Parking and Student Drop-Off

Greetings Crusader Parents,

As a friendly reminder, when dropping off and picking up your students before and after school, please refrain from utilizing the parking lot of the Risen Savior Lutheran Church and anywhere on Otay Lakes Road, as Otay Lakes Road is a very busy street. Please coordinate with you students to designate drop off and pick up locations that are conducive to student safety.

Thank you very much for your continued support!

Dr. Williams-Lewis, AP

Putting Students First

I am happy to announce that our district achieved it's goal and has purchased “Sweetwater is Putting Students First” t-shirts for 4,300 staff members. This was a lesson in persistence since they began seeking donations in July 2015. All 4,300 Sweetwater employees are being invited to wear it on the second Wednesday of each month in an effort to demonstrate that we are stronger together and care about each student! This is an opportuntiy for us to reinforce the message stated by Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Sincere appreciation goes out to the over 70 Sweetwater retirees, former employees and other partners who contributed to this cause!

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Campus Beautification

Huge thanks goes out to Boy Scout Troops 2010 and 800 for helping beautify our campus! They not only helped purchase plants and trees for our campus, but also helped plant them around our library. Thanks for all of your help Boy Scout Troops 2010 and 800!

Fortissimo Award

We would like to congratulate our awesome band director/teacher Amy Cruz for being awarded the Fortissimo Award – Teacher of the Year for the California Music Educators Association Southern Border Section (CMEA-SBS). This is a very distinguished recognition and it’s an honor to have one of our teachers receive such award. We are very proud of you Amy!!!

BVH Music Machine and Sound Unlimited Presents SCREAM

Bonita Vista High Music Machine and Sound Unlimited came down to BVM and gave our students a sneak peak of their upcoming SCREAM performance at BVH on Saturday, October 29th.

Rain Sticks Activty

The Exploring Arts class concluded a unit on the Science of Sound by building their own rain sticks. Students had to make scientific decisions about where to place the points of vibration and what to put inside to determine the sound: rice, beans, barley or pebbles. Then, they got to decorate to make it their own!

Student Art Work

Art students used a variety of materials “mixed media” to create colorful Day of the Dead paper skulls with “Wow!” Power creativity!

Staff of the Month

This month we would like to recognize Lia Abundes! Lia is an amazing science teacher who is extremely passionate about her students inside and outside the classroom. She is also part of the Dual Language Immersion Program which allows our students to be biliterate in both Spanish and English and even teaches one of her science classes completely in Spanish. She is always looking for and finding exciting activities to keep her students engaged in the classroom. She is also one of the first staff members to participate in school activities and do what is needed to ensure our students at BVM thrive! Thank you for everything you do for our BVM students Lia!
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Health Corner

Be Safe On Halloween

Halloween is on Monday, October 31 this year and is an exciting time for children of all ages. To help insure that adults and children have a safe holiday, here are some safety tips while trick- or-treating:

· Have a parent or other responsible adult accompany young children

· If your older children are going out alone, review the route that is acceptable to you and agree on a specific time to be home

· Go only to those homes with a porch light on and tell children to never enter a home or a car for a treat

· Trick-or Treating should be done only in familiar, well-lit areas and never alone

· Tell your children not to eat any treats until they return home-parents should inspect treats before they are eaten

· Teach children to watch out for motorists and make sure their costumes allow for full range of vision and are visible at night

· Children should carry a light source so they are more visible- consider using reflective tape on costumes

· All costumes should be fire resistant

This is the time to put cell phones down, keep aware of one’s surroundings, and take caution when crossing the street. Also remember, Halloween candy tastes great, but too much can lead to stomach upset or other problems. Enjoy your Halloween!

Christi Stoddard, RN, BSN, PHN

Tel: 619-397-2206


Counselors Corner

Happy Halloween! The year is flying by fast and it’s almost the end of the semester. The holidays are coming soon and the next grading period will be semester grades which count towards promotion. Please be sure that you complete your homework assignments and study for tests. We have been meeting with students that are struggling, and we are surprised to hear that they wait for slips to attend AEC. Students that have missing assignments (and many were in double figures), told us they did NOT receive a slip so they did not attend AEC. AEC has voluntary walk-ins to help those students who need assistance. Focus tutoring has a credentialed teacher in the subject to help in either, math, English, Social Science, or Science. They can walk in and complete their assignments with the help of the teacher when needed. CJSF candidates, be sure to have paid the dues and complete your community service hours so you can qualify for CJSF. You must qualify 3 of the 4 semesters in order to meet the criteria for CJSF. This will be semester 3, and if you met the points and community service hours criteria along with paying dues you will be qualified for the semester. 7th graders, this semester will be semester 1 if you qualify out of the 4 for CJSF. When the forms come out to you, be sure if you qualify, to turn the form in to Ms. Walker with the CJSF dues and you will meet the criteria for one semester of CJSF. There are only 3 weeks before our next break so be sure to have all assignments turned in.

Technology Corner

Missing an app? Need a new app? The solution may already be on your iPad. New apps are occasionally being added as teachers find new ways to use your iPad in class. If you need an app:

1. Go to the App Store.

2. Tap “Purchased” near the bottom of the screen.

3. Find the app you need and tap “Get”, then “Install”.

4. Check back frequently for new apps.

If it requires you to enter your Apple ID come to the Genius Bar in room 606 for help.

If you ever need any kind of help with your iPad, ask you advisory teacher for a pass to the Genius Bar.

Important Dates

11/05 - Saturday Scholars for English 7/8 and Math 7/8

11/11 - No School for Veterans' Day

11/14 - School Culture and Climate Meeting

11/16 - Turkey Trot in PE Classes

11/17 - School Site Council Meeting and Band Pageant at SYHS

11/21-11/25 - Thankskgiving Break

11/29 - Color Fun Run

12/03 - Saturday Scholars for English 7/8 and Math 7/8