the addiction that kills

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Health Risks

The main thing that smoking affects first, is your brain. The nicotine that is found inside cigarettes can mess with your brain to the point where you can find yourself addicted to it. This addiction can go as far as making you feel anxious to obtain another dose of nicotine. Cancer is also very probable once you begin to smoke. You may obtain lung cancer, esophagus, mouth, throat, among many others. Smoking can also affect the bones and muscles found inside of your body making you feel tired all the time.


People who smoke usually feel pressured to do so due to external forces in their lives. These things can include friends who get you to begin smoking because it's just a cool thing to do. There could also be personal issues like family problems or just something terrible that may be affecting them. The issues could lead to them also having stress or depression that makes them want to start smoking in order to get a distraction.

Simply don't do it!

Try to keep yourself from falling into these habits. Take care of yourself and your body and say no to smoking!

Remember a simple no a day keeps the cigarettes away!