Homework can serve many purposes including fostering effective study habits and self-discipline, reinforcing and/or extending the learning experience from the classroom, and strengthening the communication between home and school while providing parents an opportunity to become involved in their child’s school education. Your child’s teacher will provide you with homework guidelines for the classroom. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s homework, providing help when needed, but ensuring the work is completed by the child.

Student Report Cards, Portfolios, and Parent Conferences

Report cards are issued four times per year. Report cards are criterion and standards-based and align with our curriculum. Information about the format of report cards is shared by teachers. Parent conferences are held in the fall. Conference attendance is mandatory. Midterms reports are sent home half-way through each grading period. Weekly progress reports and newsletters are sent home in the weekly folder.

Student Promotion and Retention

The IPS School Board Policy is followed. Students will need to have completed the prior grade level to be admitted to the next grade. In an elementary and middle school setting, prior grade level requirements are determined collaboratively by the curriculum requirements set forth by the state, the teacher, special education teacher (if applicable), and the core leadership team. The principal sends a letter home at the end of the first semester, in January, if a child is being considered for retention and an action plan is developed with teacher and parent input. A second letter is sent home in May with the retention decision. According to Edison policy, the principal has final say in retention decisions.



All grades reflect the student’s performance in class and are backed by the teacher with accurate supporting documentation. Formative assessments (classwork, bell ringers, discussions, quizzes, labs, etc.) account for 55% of the students grade. Homework is weighted at 10%. Class Citizenship (particpation, preparation, SEL work, etc.) weighs 5%. Summative Assessments (interim assessments, checkpoints, unit exams, performance tasks, essays, and summative projects) account for 30% of a student’s grade. A is considred exceptional, B is above average, C is average, D is below average, and F is well below average.


If a guardian chooses to withdraw their child, he/she is requested to give the school as much notice as possible. The legal guardian is required to fill out a “withdrawal” form that can be obtained from the front office personnel. The withdrawal form indicates the reason for leaving, and what school you will be attending. A student must, by law, be enrolled in a new school within 10 days of withdrawal from a school. If students move out of Center Township, they may still be able to attend Edison with parent-provided transportation.

Field Trips/Educational Field Experiences

The students at Edison participate in field trips throughout the school year. Field trips are academic activities that are held off school grounds. Attendance rules apply to all field trips and students who violate school rules may lose the privilege to go on field trips. Parents are asked to sign a blanket permission slip at the beginning of the school year. Guardians will be acknowledging that students can attend all Edison field trips. Parents will be notified of the upcoming field trip with a letter, newsletter and phone calls. While Edison encourages the student’s participation in field trips, alternative assignments will be provided for any student whose parent does not give permission for the student to attend. Due to entrance fees, parents are sometimes asked to donate this fee, but no child will be denied participation because of inability to contribute. Younger siblings and those not attending our school are not permitted to attend field trips. Parents are often requested to participate on Field Trips as volunteers.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

We offer an ESL program to help English Learners participate fully in their educational experience at Edison and in their social lives in our community. To accomplish this goal, we offer instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a variety of ways to attain proficiency in academic and social English.